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Japanese celebrities... 2007/8/14 08:51
What are the chances that I will see any celebrities, who are in the music business, in Tokyo?

If I did see any, would it be a good or bad idea to go up to them, and ask for a picture or an autograph?
by Nate  

. 2007/8/14 09:34
If you mean just randomly running into a celebrity on the street?

Not very likely, just like if you were to visit Los Angeles and hoping to randomly run into a celebrity.

Now in the off chance you were to randomly run into one of these celebrities, there would most likely be other people who would recognize them too all buzzing for a photo or autograph, and it would really depend on the celebrity, and who they are around to either stop or be whisked away.
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... 2007/8/14 17:42
Nate, if you go to central Tokyo often like me, you see celebrities from time to time.

But then, I'm probably good at spotting them, because often I am the first one among my group who notices them. Btw, I was the first one in our sightseeing bus to spot Ringo Starr walking down Rodeo Drive in L.A.

In big cities like L.A. and Tokyo, people generally leave celebrities alone. They either try to ignore them or just say hi from a distance. The celebrities don't want people bothering them all the time either. They say so on TV.

Your best bet of getting an autograph or photo of one of your favorite stars is to wait at a stage door of a concert hall or studio where they are sure to be performing. They often consider it as part of their fan service to deal with people who go through the trouble of waiting for them. But there is also a high risk of being kicked out by security.

On a related note, most of the top notch teenage idols travel by car to avoid disturbance.
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