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How to reach Map Camera 2007/8/14 17:14
Tokyo 23-ku
1.Can someone guide me how to reach Map Camera store in Shinjuku.
2.I checked on the web sites of Map Camera and Yodobashi Camera. The price of Canon S5 IS is about 6000 yens cheaper at Map Camera. Is it possible or this would be for a used camera, since the web site was in Japnese I could not understand the details.
by Vivek Prakash  

Map camera 2007/8/15 02:43
Film camera store:
1-12-5 nishi-shinjuku
Digital camera store:
1-13-6 nishi-shinjuku.

Shinjuku sta. west exit about one to two blocks past yodobashi camera.
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... 2007/8/15 09:29
If the camera you mentioned has ’†ŒÃ sign, it's second-hand. Canon S5IS on the top of the table (#(MAPF3260707001152) is a second-hand.

At major discount shops including Yodobashi, you can negotiate prices. If you find something cheaper on the net, print out the page and bring it with you. This can be a very good tool to get bargain.
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Thanks! 2007/8/15 21:41
Thanks a lot for this information it is really useful, Thanks for telling me that big stores like Yodobashi also negotiate, I never thought so. If it is not too much to ask you can you pl tell about what % do they drop down on negotiation.
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... 2007/8/15 23:08
When you are a card holder, you can get 10-15% points(ex. 15000 yen purchase ¨1500 yen points), which can be used for future purchase. So, I suppose you may ask at least same percentage discount.

Cash payment is also a good tactics.

BTW, at Yodobashi, Bic Camera and other major discount shops, you can buy them tax-free.

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Thanks 2007/8/16 14:23
Thanks!- I appreciate your response.
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