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business tour guide in Japan needed 2007/8/14 18:13

I am going to Japan for business trip to import cars from Japan, and I need someone who speak good english and have a knowledge of car business in Japan. Is anyone know where I can find such a person? Thx in advance.


by Jefrey  

... 2007/8/15 00:14

This might be a starting point. From your description, what you are NOT looking for is an interpreter or a tour guide, or a non-industry expert car fanatic. You are more looking for an industry expert/consultant with connections.
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Jetro 2007/8/15 04:17
Thx AK, but I think that is a website for big investment, whereby what I am looking for is like trading company or exporters from Japan, so maybe there are some places in Tokyo or Osaka that have a lot of cars, and I would like to visit those places. Any idea?
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used? 2007/8/15 13:00
Used cars?
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... 2007/8/15 13:31
There are a lot of new car dealers and used car dealers (for individuals to visit for their own purchases), but if you need help looking them up, finding out the locations, establishing a contact in advance so that you can go to negotiate on a business-to-business terms, then you would need a business consultant or something... that's why I posted JETRO, I don't know but I thought they might be able to introduce you to some small-medium enterprise contacts.
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... 2007/8/15 14:45
I agree with AK. JETRO does not necessarily deal with big companies. They are more catered to small/medium companies in recent years since big business do not need their support. See Tie-up Promotion site of JETRO.
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