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capsule hotels + children? 2007/8/14 18:44
Do capsule hotels allow children?

Any recommendations for a budget to mid-range ryokan near tokyo station?

Thanks for all your help!
by tokyo-bound  

home page 2007/8/15 00:36
go to the japan-guide home page and to the left you will find a hotel search.
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capsule hotels 2007/8/15 01:15
I looked into this a year or so ago. I couldn't find any that accepted children (much to their dissapointment having seen about capsule hotels on Blue Peter). We did an overnight train instead (a bit more expensive!). The hotel Kitcho in Ningyocho isn't a ryokan and isn't that close to tokyo station but has nice looking japanese style rooms for up to 5 people (I didnt stay there in the end - they cancelled due to planned renovations and I had booked elsewhere by the time they told me it was OK again). 13500 for 3, 15000 for 4 or 16500 for 5. Easy to find on google.
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The main customer 2007/8/15 01:33
The main target of Capsule Hotels is a working person who missed the last train and have to wait for the 1st train on the next morning.

so they dont often offer "Child Fee" or someting like it. hmmm, I think they will also accomodate children with their parents as long as you pay the expense.
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hotel etc. 2007/8/15 03:48
The Tokyo station area isn't known for moderatetly priced hotels, ryokans etc. there may be some but few internet site show them!.

as for capsule hotels, it is my understanding that the capsules don't have a door, only a curtain--the yare for one person only, by the way,and one cn't stand up in them. They are more like at bunk bed in a way. At any rate the bathrooms are shared by all the customers. i am not even sure that they allow women or, more to the point, that an average "nice" Jaapnese woman would consider using one and sharing a bath with lots of men..I wouldn't bring children there even if they were allowed.
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. 2007/8/15 03:52
tokyo-bound does it matter what type of accomodation it is? Because you ask about Capsule hotels then ask about Ryokans. How many children here?

Ryokans usually can hold more people per room, Capsule hotels in the vast majority of cases won't allow children, Capsule hotels as mentioned are mainly for someone who missed their last train home, or some drunk salaryman who stayed out too late drinking with his co-workers, not really a place for kids.

There are nice ryokans around Asakusa.
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... 2007/8/15 08:36
At any rate the bathrooms are shared by all the customers. i am not even sure that they allow women

Indeed, many capsule hotels are men-only. Others will accept both genders and provide gender separated baths. There also seems to exist a small number of women-only capsule hotels.

In any case, capsule hotels are not usually a place where you want to go with children.
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thanks! 2007/8/15 13:58
thanks all for the responses.

wanted capsules because of the experience. We'd seen it on tv and it looks really interesting. yes i know that its primarily for people who miss the last train, but thought it might be a good tokyo experience. i also wanted love hotels initially, but no, not with kids!

looking for a tokyo station ryokan because by the time we get to tokyo station from kyoto our last stop, i don't think we can stomach more travelling on trains/subway and just want to find something convenient within walking distance. its our last night in tokyo, so we really don't want to go far.

will check out some of the suggestions offered, thanks!
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Capsule hotel 2007/8/15 17:24
The capsule Inn Akihabara accepts women and men and is easy to reach from Tokyo station ( were you arrive by shinkansen coming from Kyoto? ). But please check with them directly if they allow children. Teens and older can book their own capsule.
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