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Any english shopping site in Japan? 2007/8/14 19:26
Hi, I am in Japan for a short business trip, just want to buy some Japanese gifts but unfortunately can't go out of the factory.
Can you please tell me any english online shopping sites in Japan (if exists)?
by michael  

ichiroya 2007/8/15 00:16

is a great place for Japanese antiques (including kimono items) and also offers links to other stores that are in English. The site is based in Osaka, so depending on how long your stay is, the amount of time it takes to receive it shouldn't be too long.
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Airport gift shops 2007/8/15 00:18

I realize it doesn't answer your question, but won't you even have time to buy gifts at the airport?
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. 2007/8/16 04:18
They're going to lock you up (figuratively) in a factory?

No time to go out to a hotel and sleep, or eat at a restaurant hosted by the company? Or even on the way from the airport to the factory, or the day you leave. Seems like many opportunities to stop and get something.
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Thank you everybody, but .... 2007/8/16 04:29
Hello everybody, thank you for your comments. I am literally prisoned here, staying in the guest house of the company, far from city center. This will be my last business trip to Japan, no way I can't work like them.
But anyway it is a good idea to buy something in the airport though usually there are not good stuff there and relatively expensive.
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Narita 2007/8/16 06:31
If you're leaving from the Narita airport.. there actually are some pretty good gift shops around. I got myself a fake maguro sushi key chain. I don't know if you're looking for something like that... but there's other items there too.
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