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stationary stores in yokohama? 2007/8/14 23:39
hi there! i will be in yokohama in october, i will be travelling alone and its my very first time with no knowledge about the place and the language, can anyone help me where can i shop for stationary products and other school and office supplies in yokohama? also if there is a trade fair for these products in october? i really appreciate your replies, thanks
by ana leah hidalgo  

stationery 2007/8/15 04:06
What sort of quality are you looking for? Or are you looking for distinctly Japanese stationery?

I think I just sound like a cheapskate but the moment I read your post, I immediately thought 100 stores. They are absolutely everywhere in the entire country and definitely sell stationery.

If you know of the company Office Depot, branches can also be found around the country.

Finally, Tokyu Hands gets a lot of attention. It really is a very unique stationery (and more) store that you`ll want to visit. There`s one in Shibuya which is only a stone`s throw from Yokohama, but there must be other branches elsewhere.
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100 yen 2007/8/15 04:09
100 yen stores, if you don't know already, are actually much higher in quality than our 1 dollar stores. You can get a lot of stationary that you can depend on. Tokyu Hands is a good place too, but more expensive.
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Yokohama 2007/8/15 12:16
Jon mentioned Tokyu Hands in Shibuya, but there is a Tokyu Hands in Yokohama, about 7-8 minutes from Yokohama Station, South exit. If you come out of the JR south exit walk out past the Police box (Koban) unitl you come to the river and go right then left across the bridge(the wide one not the narrow pedestrian bridge. Go past silver BicCamera and about 70-80m on the left is Tokyu Hands.

Another alternative is Yurindo book shop at Landmark Tower, which has some stationary there.
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Yurindo 2007/8/16 00:29
Yurindo is the biggest quality stationary store in Yokohama. Their head store is located near Kannai Station, and they have several branches within the city. I'm sorry the following info is in Japanese, but you can see their phone number.
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thank you, Jon 2007/8/16 02:23
thanks a lot for the info, Jon, il surely visit the stores you recommend. Im actually looking for the median types, not too cheap but not too expensive as well, but the quality is better and preferably japan made.
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thanks you, miko 2007/8/16 02:26
thank you very much for the information, i will visit the place as well
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Hi! sandy! 2007/8/16 02:29
thanks for the detailed information, its really a big help for me, i will be staying in Kanazawa-ku, i hope its just near the places you mentioned. again, thanks
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thanks, Uco 2007/8/16 02:31
Thank you very much for the information... i really appreciate your help :-)
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Muji for stationery 2007/8/16 08:11
Muji (–³ˆσ—Η•ijalso has a good range of stationery and there is one along the same road that leads to Tokyu Hands, on the left about 5 minutes after you take the West Exit from Yokohama JR station.
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100 Yen Stores 2007/8/16 09:30
100 Yen Stores sound amazing. We have 99p stores in the uk. Or "Everything ’1" stores. 105 [inc. tax] Yen works out to around 45 uk pence. Which sounds like a bargain to me!

Just though I'd tell you all :P
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Ito-Ya 2007/8/16 13:46
Ana Leah, I just remembered one more store that might interest you, especially if you're interested in the Japanese stuff. It's called Ito-Ya and is found in Ginza, the expensive district of Tokyo (sorry, I think it's a one location store, so I don't think there's one in Yokohama). However, from what I remember, the prices were reasonable and it was located on the main shopping road of Ginza. Once you get to Ginza, I think that the store is popular enough that someone will recognize the name and point you in the right direction. Good luck!
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Hi! OgreMill 2007/8/17 01:15
yes, it does sounds interesting! I am from the Philippines and the exchange rate here is about 100 yen to 40 pesos i think, so its quite a bargain! :-)
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Hi Jon! 2007/9/15 18:55
I've read a lot of stuff about Ito-ya, but how far is it from Yokohama? My boss wanted me to visit this store, is this the one with the paper clip sign?
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Ito-ya 2007/9/16 07:59
The biggest and best Ito-ya store is at Ginza (actually two stores), but there is one at Yokohama!!!!

It's next to Yokohama station in Takashimaya Department store, 6th Floor.


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kudos! sandy!!! 2007/9/16 13:13
the information you shared is really very helpful, its Ginza, alright, i am so amazed of those beautiful merchandise i see in their website, and i MUST really visit the Ginza branch, its a pity that i dont understand any japanese language nor read the japanese characters but im sure i could find a japanese map in english when i get there.. thanks a lot for the help!
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