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Halloween? 2007/8/15 18:21
Do they celebrate halloween in Japan??
by Brittanie  

... 2007/8/16 08:33
Yes but not so extensively.
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Halloween 2007/8/16 10:07
Halloween isn't that big of a deal. They know of it, but no one goes trick or treating.
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Halloween 2008/6/24 14:14
Some kindergartens hold Halloween party.

Children know Halloween more than adults know.
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Obon 2008/6/24 19:01
The bon holiday in August is the Japanese version of all souls day "halloween" when the souls of the dead pass over to the next file and some come back to visit.
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.... 2008/6/24 19:05
*next life* not next file...

Also if you're planning on using it for an English lesson then it will work just fine as a seasonal activity. Everyone's been using it for years.
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