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Limousine buses 2007/8/15 19:50
Is there limousine bus travelling to and from narita airport and shinjuku washington hotel?
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... 2007/8/16 08:35
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from narita airport to atami by bus 2007/9/4 21:16
im going to japan, and i dont know my way going to atami from narita airport. In the listing of airport limousine, i couldnt find atami station,. anyone here who could help me plssssss
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narita to atami 2007/9/4 21:36
Atami is not a part of Tokyo, but 100 km south of Tokyo. So you go Narita Airport to Tokyo by rail and then by shinkansen ( 50 min ) or express train ( 2 hours ) to Atami.
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narita to numazu 2007/9/6 21:23
My brother is going to japan few days from now, he doesnt know ur language, so he is a little nervous travelling alone. From what ive researched, he should take a Keisei bus from narita airport at counter 11. How he will know that he is at Numazu station already?
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. 2007/9/6 23:42
It is my understanding the bus to Numazu Station only stops at two stations. There should be a display and annoucnment of what stop it is, if your brother is still unsure, he can ask the bus driver, even without much language he can still communicate if it is or is not Numazu Station.
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