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Obon festival 2007/8/15 20:54
Since it is now Obon in Japan, I was wondering if anyone could explain a little about it. I know that the spirits of ancestors are said to return at this time. If relative has died this year, will their spirit return this Obon?

Thanks, Fi
by Fiona McFarlin  

... 2007/8/16 16:22
If relative has died this year, will their spirit return this Obon?
In principle, yes. We call the 1st OBON after the death "HATSUBON" and regard it very important. Bereaved family invite relatives and friends to the house to talk about the dead and console his/her spirit.

But, if someone dies at a day close to OBON (within 49 days), his/her HATSUBON is not held in the immediate OBON but in OBON next year. It is related to our belief that the spirit of the dead remains in our world until the 49th day after the death.

The more modern our lifestyle has become, the more diverse the way of holding HATSUBON has become.

My father-in-law died last November and this OBON is his HATSUBON. We bought lanterns (to invite his spirit), made a horse and a cow with vegetables (a house can run fast so the spirit of the dead can come to our world fast while a cow moves slow so the spirit of the dead can stay in our world long) asked a Buddhisum priest to pray for him, following the custom. But we decided not to invite relatives and friends home so as not to bother them coming all the way from Osaka to Tokyo.

Instead, we plan to hold the 1st anniversary (ISSYUKI) earlier than usual in Osaka and hold a get-together.

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Fiona McFarlin from Country Day School? 2007/12/4 13:45
Is the original poster the Fiona McFarlin who went to Country Day School?
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sorry! 2007/12/4 15:56
No I'm not that particular Fiona McFarlin. Sorry to disappoint you!
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