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where to wear yukata? 2007/8/16 07:42
I bought a yukata finally, now that they're marked down for summer, and I want to wear it. :) There are no festivals this weekend in my area that I know of, but I was going to do some sightseeing in Kyoto- would it be innapropriate or strange to wear it just to walk around the city? I only see people really wearing them for events, but I know my family would love to see pictures of me in yukata in Kyoto.
by Kate  

Not strange! 2007/8/16 12:27
It's not strange at all! Yukata is "in" now, and we see lots of young people wearing them for a simple date on a Saturday afternoon, at least in Tokyo and Yokohama area.

But keep in mind that yukata is not the coolest (as opposed to warm) clothing you can get, and it's usually extremely humid in Kyoto!
by Uco rate this post as useful

Get ready for attention 2007/8/17 02:46
If you don't look Japanese, be prepared to be stared at...

My good friend is an Uji native (near Kyoto), when I visited her for the first time near New Year's, they asked if I wanted to get dressed up in kimono. Of course I said yes!, But my take on it was that I'd get dressed up, take a few pictures and then take it off again.

Ohh no. They took me to Toji and Kiyomizu, my Japanese friend's family did, me in kimono and them in western clothing. People stared and I was a little self conscious.

But that was nothing, if you decide to go with a bunch of people then you could really get stared at! A few days later, my friend, her sister, and her other friend got all kimonoed up to go to Heian shrine and a few other places. THE ENTIRE population of the shrine (a lot for New Years) turned to stare at us! What a shock!

My suggestion: go in the late afternoon (as late as you can before places close). Early evening is even better, as that is the natural time to wear yukata. As you mentioned, a festival is the best place to wear yukata, or to a fireworks display, but also to go to sento or onsen, too. Might even be good meandering alongside the river. Just be aware that especially if you go anywhere touristy, you'll probably be stared at.

BTW, I assume you know how to put on a yukata, but just in case, make sure you put that left side OVER the right.
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