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Sake bottle and cup 2007/8/19 23:36
I have sake set which has no markings. The bottle has a little seal (or perhaps it's a bird) on the top. Under it is a tiny hole. The cups also have a tiny hole in something that looks like a spout on the side of the cup.
When you turn the cup up side down, there is a hole in the bottom. Air can be blown throuh the holes.
Can someone identify this set and tell me what the holes are for? See:

More pictures and further description is available.
by Imogene  

Very unique 2007/8/21 22:19
You have a very nice & artistic Sake bottle. I've never seen such a unique shape. My guess is
1)pour Sake from the big hole and pour it out from the small hole
2)pour in and out of the big hole. The small hole is designed to ensure easy flow.
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Chinese bottle? 2007/8/21 22:53
It doesn't look like a Japanese one at all to me ...
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... 2007/8/22 06:41
Like J-Lady said.. the spout shape looks like an exit and the larger hole is where you put the sake in. And yea, usually sake bottles look much more basic. I like your bottle though. Nice blue color and good design. The design does look Japanese to me.
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