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daisuki...? 2007/8/20 17:00
Is this a word of multiple meanings? Or one clear meaning? Just a little confused :-)

When you're fooling around with your girlfriend, and she says 'daisuki', exactly what is she meaning???
by junkymotown  

Who knows? 2007/8/22 09:57

Is this a word of multiple meanings? Or one clear meaning? Just a little confused :-)

This question crops up here pretty frequently - usually in the "aishiteru" threads.
Depending on the situation, it can mean anything from "like" to "love", so you can read as much or as little into it as you want. Note that it could just as easily mean "I can't can't stand you, but I need to ask you a big favour". ;-)
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

ha! 2007/8/22 17:18
haha, thanks!
she definitely didn't mean the last one tho... I hope! :)
by junkymotown rate this post as useful

Somewhat related topic 2007/9/8 10:20

Could someone translate the following for me please? Or rephrase it to make sense in Japanese? Thanks in advance!

"In order for a relationship to be successful, there has to be honesty and good communication"

"You can tell me anything"

"People cheat (or unfaithful) when they are not happy and there is lack of communication"

Yes, I know language barrier is already part of the lack of communication, but I am referring more to the ability to feel free to express whatever feelings they may without feeling judged.

Thanks again!
by Steven rate this post as useful

. 2007/9/9 02:47
suki = i like
daisuki =i like but a lot
aisuru = i love

i hope it helps you

in French we have only a verb to like/love , and that is not confusing at all :)


by Mike rate this post as useful

plus 2007/9/9 02:49
i think the girl will say "daisuku" to a bf and
"aisuru to a husband??

any nice japanese girl, tell me more :)

by Mike rate this post as useful

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