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Toyoko inn website down ? 2007/8/21 00:08

Can anyone tell me whether Toyoko inn website is down ?

Tried to book online but give me error.

Can anyone here help me book ?

Thanks! Very anxious now
by Hoon  

Toyoko Inn 2007/8/22 11:56

The site itself seems to be working normally. Without details of the error you received, I think it will be difficult for anyone to offer detailed help. Maybe you entered incorrect details?
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... 2007/8/22 15:55
No did enter correctly . But I think the website down is off and on. Thanks !
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Same experience 2007/8/29 09:43
I have the same experience yesterday. Actually I wanna reserve 2 rooms, one twin and one single. When I reserve the twin, it gave me an error message. When I reserve the single, it went thru. After that, I received an email re:reservation info, then I sent them an email to reserve the twin. Still waiting for reply.
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. 2007/8/29 10:17
Sometimes if you select nonsmoking it will give an error because there are no nonsmoking rooms left, (the vast majority of the rooms are smoking rooms, however they are very clean and you don't get a wiff at all of smoke).

Other times the room is just full and the system hasn't updated yet.

What hotel and dates are you trying so I can take a gander?
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.. 2007/8/29 12:29
In the end I called them to book. Because the rooms are getting for twin in the months of Oct and early Nov . Pls call them. Sometimes their system is having some maintence which the staff confirm when i said I could not get into their system.

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... 2007/8/29 17:31
John have you stayed there before?
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. 2007/8/29 22:51
I've must of stayed at dozens of Toyoko-Inns over the years yes.

Have I stayed at the one you are looking at, well I don't know which one you're looking at to say.
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