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Please help identify these locations. 2007/8/21 15:50
I went on a vacation to Tokyo late last year and am now writing a blog entry about the trip. I'm looking through my photos and there are some locales where I took photos that I can't remember its name. I've gone through all the pages on the Tokyo attractions and can't seem to match them up.

The biggest quandry:

#2 Not sure if anyone will recognize this place. It was apparently big on grapes and sold tons of grape type products.

#3 this was near Harajuku station. But I don't think I got the name

#4 lastly, this is also near Harajuku station if memory serves me correct. I can't remember what this area's name is. I think there was a certain street that was dedicated to more XXX type activities, from what I remember. This one isn't so important to identify
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Locations 2007/8/22 16:42

I can't view the first set of images. They appear to be password protected.

#3 this was near Harajuku station. But I don't think I got the name

This is the entrance to Meji Jingu shrine.

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... 2007/8/22 16:51
The first four images are set to private and cannot be viewed.

The 5th (IMGP1447) was taken in the Gotemba Peace Park near Hakone.

Images 6 and 7 show Lake Kawaguchi (Kawaguchiko) at the foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. The prefecture is famous for grapes, fruits and wine.

Image 8 is the entrance to Meiji Shrine just next to Harajuku Station:

Images 9 and 10 were made in the Kabukicho red light district in Shinjuku. Not Harajuku.
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