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3 weeks Japan 2007/8/21 20:05
I am planning to backpacking in Japan for three weeks in October..I would like to go places like Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Nagasaki. But I aslo really would like to go to Hokkaido Daisetsuzan National Park... is it really worthy to go there? Because I am taking the most low budget way to get there. This means approximately 14 hours by train, staying one day in Sapporo and the next day to Sounkyo (2 days) and back to Sapporo and then continue my trip to Nikko... It would take at least 4 days extra! So any advice, to do it better? Thanks
by chai  

... 2007/8/22 16:57
No, if you are on a low budget, it is not worth to go to Hokkaido for just two days, unless you are covered by a Japan Rail Pass and do not mind traveling many hours.

And I would make it Asahidake Onsen rather than Sounkyo:
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... 2007/8/29 11:46
hi chai, sorry but me n a friend is heading there in october too with more or less the same plan of urs.. how much is the expenses budgetthat u r sticking w?
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3 weeks japan 2007/8/29 18:25
My total expenses for the whole trip is max. 2900 euro's. (This includes: Ticket, JR Pass for 21 days, Hostels, plus 300 euro's pocket money each week).

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skip nikko, fukuoka 2007/8/30 00:19
I did almost the same travel last year, also backpack. Okinawa, fukuoka, Nag-Hir-Kyoto-osaka, tokyo-nikko. I cannot suggest about Sapporo but if you re interested in it and need to cut budget or save days, you can think to skip Nikko and or Fukuoka. Although everybody spoke a lot about Nikko i think i could have skip it. Nothing really special, transport not very good. Better to spend those days somewhere else. Fukuoka as well, nothing special as city.
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