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How to get to Diamond City mu 2007/8/21 21:32
Hello everyone, I just found out there is a new mall in the Tokyo area called Diamond City Mu, i checked the website but it's all in japanese since I'm from Canada I dont know how to read the access directions, can someone pls help me by telling me what the directions of this nice shopping center from the Shinjuku area where I'll be staying for my trip in tokyo

thank you and much appreciated
by Andrew  

... 2007/8/22 17:04
It is located in Musashimurayama City (Tokyo Metropolis).

From Shinjuku, take the JR Chuo Line to Tachikawa Station. There are relatively frequently departing buses from the north exit of the station to the shopping center.
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thanks 2007/8/22 21:17
thank you

but do u know which bus number to take directly to the shopping center??
thank you

much appreciated
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... 2007/8/22 21:45
You should use a bus from bus stop number 1 that is bound for either "w", "Rs", "OcZ" or "cƏ" and get off at "RÃZ^[". From the bus stop it is still a 10 minute walk to the shopping center in western direction. The shopping center was obviously made for car users.

In Japanese:
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... 2007/8/22 21:48
I just found out an easier way of access:

Take the Seibu Shinjuku Line from Shinjuku to Higashiyamatoshi Station and then a bus directly to the shopping center. There are two buses per hour, which are bound to _ChVeB (Diamond City). Get off at the final station.
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thank you uji 2007/8/22 21:57
thank you very much for the directons uji

much appreciated

is this shopping mall worth going ??
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... 2007/8/23 08:22
is this shopping mall worth going ??

I personally have not been there.
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Nope 2007/8/29 21:17
I wouldn't go all the way to Diamond City in Musashimurayama if you're staying in Tokyo. All the stores that are at Diamond City can be found within Tokyo. It's nicer in the fact that you won't be dealing with crowds as much except for the weekends but other than that there isn't anything special about this mall. It's pretty much a place to shop for people that live around this area that don't want to go to Tokyo every time we need something.
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