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kanazawa gold facial 2007/8/22 02:54
Where can I get a kanazawa gold facial? I read so much about this on the current events. Curative and beauty effects are desirable. Please advise if you know of a good spa in Kanazawa.
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... 2007/8/23 11:39
Gold treatment or "KINPAKU ESUTE" is available as high-end treatment at many spas. The most famous one (well-covered by the media) is a spa in Kobe.

1-2-8 FURUMINATO-DORI (pronunciation?? 古湊通り)
Chuo-ku, Kobe
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Street name correction 2007/8/23 14:36
古湊通り is read "Kominato Dori" :)
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... 2007/8/23 17:54
Tnks, AK!
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To J Lady 2007/8/23 19:09
When at a loss how to read place names, try Yahoo! Japan's 地図 feature. It gives you the all the Japanese city/town/village names in hiragana alongside kanji, so you can look up the names. That's what I do :)
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... 2007/8/23 23:35
I wonder if I checked a different webpage. Map function of Yahoo did not give me the answer...Anyhow, I found out Postal Cord search function of Post Office gives us Hiragana of street names. I'm not really good at reading street names. When I moved to Tokyo from my home town, I thought 内幸町 is NAIKOHCHO instead of UCHISAIWAICHO and invited a big laugh from my associates.

Tnks for the tip!
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