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where to buy carp streamers 2007/8/22 16:47
I'm quite keen on buying carp streamers when I am in Japan later this year.

I know this is usually sold in May? But if I go in November, is there any place in Tokyo or Kyoto where I can get this? Would you also know how much it costs?

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... 2007/8/22 23:18
Koinobori (carp streamer) are sold all year long on the net and mostly from January to May at shops. If you visit a speciality store selling Hina dolls and Kabuto (samurai warriot helmet), you have a good chance of getting Koinobori.

This is the webpage of a speciality store. Click the picture of carp streamer and you'll see the price.
Prices vary depending on the size and material. Smaller size streamers sell well in recent years as more people live in apartments.
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wow, that's expensive! 2007/8/24 21:53
Hi J Lady

Thanks for the reply. The big carp streamers are quite expensive in the region of about 30,000yen or so? Is this the usual price range or are there less costly alternatives I could look at? Thanks again.
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... 2007/8/24 22:11
Smaller one in synthetic fiber is about 10,000 yen in the same site. Silk with (genuine) gold leaf is more expensive.

And it is also related to the nature of carp streamers. This is normally bought only once in lifetime and mostly given by parents/grandparents in a way of showing their wishes for boys' future.
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thanks J Lady 2007/8/27 10:28
Thanks! I like the significance of it. I have two boys and would like to get this for them. Also would be lovely to see it blowing in the wind. Thanks again. I will keep a lookout for this when I go.
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carps 2007/8/27 11:07
I've seen them sold individually (not as a set) at Oriental Bazaar, which is a few shops down from Kiddyland in Harajuku. I can't remember how much they were, but they seemed reasonable.
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oriental bazaar - yukatas too? 2007/8/27 15:27
thanks for pointing me to Oriental Bazaar. Does this place also sell yukatas? And if so, does anyone know the price range? Thanks!
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