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Camcorders 2007/8/23 22:21
United Kingdom
Hi im heading to Japan in under two weeks and wondering whether I should buy a camcorder from my home country (UK) or buy one while I am in Japan?

I dont want to buy a camcorder fro britain only to arrive in Japan and find out the 3rd generation of that model has been released and is about 100 cheaper.

I honestly have no clue on the price differences between the countries when it comes to camcorders.

Any suggestions?
by hark  

. 2007/8/25 09:00
Japan is NTSC, UK is PAL, though with the new generations of technology it probably doesn't matter way too much, just noting that there is that difference in technology, also that the electrical outlet and plug will be different so you'll need to purchase a converter for use back home.
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voltage 2007/8/26 00:14
Although the voltage is different in Japan, it's almost certain that any camcorder you purchase will have a range of 100-240V, if it's a duty free export PAL model. The first thing you probably need to do is give us a list of ones you are thinking of buying, and it would be easier to tell you if they are available here, and what the prices are.
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. 2007/8/26 02:38
I'm wasn't more or less talking about the voltage as more from the input prongs, you'll need an adapter (easy to find most of the time) just reminding that even the little things start to add up the costs and cut back in actual savings.
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got one! 2007/8/28 18:44
Hi guys, sorry about the delayed response, I was talked into buying from the UK due to guarantees etc.

Ive ended up buying a Sony MiniDV cam as I was told miniDV is still the most reliable format, heres a link to the camera model -


It seems it the best option for a low budget camcorder. Now I need to buy a back up battery, the batteries for the camcorders are soo expensive in the UK....do the prices differ in Japan?

Also did I make the right choice on the camcorder I bought? it cost me 200 (46,706 yen)

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battery 2007/8/28 19:43
That model(HC45) is no longer available in Japan.
The HC48 is about 44,000yen, so I think that price wasn't bad.

That camera comes with an NP-FH30 battery. A higher capacity NP-FH50 is about 6000yen.
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compatible batterires 2007/8/28 20:46
Thanks Mandy!

The HC45 only just came out here!

So that battery works out to be about 25 (half the price). Ill be staying in Ueno, Tokyo when I arrive next week...which stores should I check out for the batteries?

Plus is it worth looking into compatible batterires made by third party companies?


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dyslexia 2007/8/28 20:48
Mandy?? Sorry meant to say Sandy........theres my dyslexia kicking in again

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help? 2007/8/30 23:07
any help on compatible batteries?
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