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Bed Situation 2007/8/24 06:39
Are there any proper beds in Japan? Or are they all the mattresses you just roll up and put away? I have severe asthma and I'm worried if I live in Japan and sleep close to the floor I may have an allergic reaction to the dust particles :/

Replies appreciated
by Brian  

... 2007/8/25 09:07
Yes, there are "proper beds" in Japan. Any accommodation called "hotel" will provide them.
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. 2007/8/25 09:15
Yes there are full sized beds but if you are living in Japan it would depend on what exactly you're living in. If its a tiny apartment you might know having a full sized bed would take up a lot of space.
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Thanks 2007/8/25 11:05
Thanks for the replies.

And I'm sorry if I offended you, Uji. I didn't mean to phrase it that way, I wasn't sure how to describe the other kind of bed.
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... 2007/8/25 11:20
the "proper beds" would be a Western style bed. Or... a bed with a bed frame.
The "mattresses you roll up" are just futons. Not all Japanese hotels have futons and in fact, not all homes either. In Japan, they call Western beds "beds" and the futon remains a "futon".
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Much cleaner than used to here in Europe 2007/9/3 04:35
All the ryokans with futons were so clean in Japan that if in ''west'' you do not have severe problems sleeping in a bed you may find it just as comfortable/uncomfortable sleeping on a futon in Japan. Note - shoes are left at the door and even slippers for wearing in house are taken off when stepping in a room where one is going to sleep.
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... 2007/9/3 14:56
Brian probably meant "thick spring bed mattresses". And as mentioned, they're commonly available, domestic and foreign, along with a variety of "thin urethane bed mattresses" and "futon" :)
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