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Directions to Sou-Betsu fruit farm 2007/8/24 10:53
Anyone heard of Sou-Betsu Fruit Fram in Hokkaido? How does one get there by public transport? Any address?
by Gin Yap  

... 2007/8/25 10:24
It is usually romanized as Sobetsu.

Access to Sobetsu:

There are many fruit stands and farms in the region, and the national route, which passes through, is called the "Fruit Road". I am not sure about the exact location of the "Sobetsu Fruit Farm".
by Uji rate this post as useful

Car Rental 2007/8/27 11:29
Thanks for your reply Uji. I've some questions for ToCoo! but can't seem to be able to email them. Do you know if ToCoo! has any GPS system (in English)? And also is the simulated price the final price I have to pay? Is it already inclusive of the charge for using the ToCoo system,deductable charges,and 5% consumption tax? Thanks in advance.
by Gin Yap rate this post as useful

JR Toya Stn or Datemonbetsu Stn 2007/8/27 14:16

Can anyone helps to answer:

1. Which way to take to Sobetsu - JR Toya stn or Datemonbetsu Stn nearer?

2. Can anyone tell me the bus time-table for Datemontestsu to Sobetsu?

Thank you so much.
by Rosa rate this post as useful

... 2007/8/28 11:47
Do you know if ToCoo! has any GPS system (in English)?

GPS systems can be ordered at an additional cost or are included for free. They are in Japanese only.

Which way to take to Sobetsu - JR Toya stn or Datemonbetsu Stn nearer?

Buses to Toyako Onsen depart from both stations at about the same frequency (roughly one bus/hour). Buses from Datemonbetsu Station are more convenient to access the Sobetsu area.
by Uji rate this post as useful

Thanks 2007/8/28 22:47
Thanks Uji.

May i know is there any cheap accommodation in Sobetsu or datemonbetsu area?

Any locker in Datemonbetsu Jr Stn?

by Rosa rate this post as useful

... 2007/8/29 10:33
May i know is there any cheap accommodation in Sobetsu or datemonbetsu area?

There is lots of accommodation (all budgets) in nearby Toyako Onsen (Lake Toya Onsen):

Any locker in Datemonbetsu Jr Stn?

Yes, most likely there will be a few lockers.
by Uji rate this post as useful

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