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Dell Laptop: change Jpn OS to Eng OS? 2007/8/24 23:33

I'm looking to buy a Dell XPS m1710. I'm currently living in Japan so it would be much much cheaper to order from Dell Japan, as opposed to getting it from Dell Canada and having it shipped (even before factoring in shipping, an identical model and configuration is a few hundred dollars more expensive at Dell Canada).

Anyways, I'd like to know if anyone here has successfully changed the preinstalled Japanese XP to an English XP. Is it possible?

I really see no reason why it wouldn't be possible however I haven't been able to find any verification for this.

Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
by Juli anne  

. 2007/8/25 11:52
All you need to do is purchase (or acquire otherwise) a copy of an English Operating system and install it.

Its pretty much the same exact process if you had a blank HD and wanted to install a OS on it. Just override the previous install.
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Or 2007/8/25 13:29
Just configure your dell machine with English OS & English keyboard.

I'm typing this with Dell Latitude D620 purchased from Dell Japan last winter with such options. They sell English model without additional fee in Japan.
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thanks 2007/8/25 15:12
Thanks for your replies guys! I actually intend to buy the m1710 which is not a latitude model, which means they do not offer the English OS as an option.

Well, I'll go order it now! I figured I could just wipe and reinstall or partition and make a dual boot but I have no experience with Dell or foreign OS so I was just looking for verification.

Thank you again!
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... 2007/9/3 10:04
I've done it with no problem. Just install English windows and get yourself an English keyboard and you're good to go.
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. 2007/9/3 13:58
You don't really need to pay extra for a english Keyboard (especially an external one for a notebook, if you can't order one built in), a Japanese keyboard has pretty much all the english functions on it, minus a few minor changes to the layout.
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