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johnny's entertainment 2007/8/26 11:58
hi! i was wondering are the people in johnny's allowed to date or get married or anything? and how long are the groups usually sround for? what do the members do after the groups go away if they do go away? and does anyone know where would be the best places to see massu? thanks =)
by lil  

Well... 2007/8/28 00:26
JE isn`t as strict about the boys love life as the girls in Hello!Project, because there are rumors up and down of Jin with Rosa, Lena, etc.. and Kimura Takuya is married. So there is no strict policy on dating though it as seen as a career killer, IMO.
I don't know what artist/groups of Johnny's do when they disappear but they probably go back to just being Jr's and host SC? Don`t know.
Where`s the best place to see Takahisa Masuda, I'm guessing you mean? I don't think just being in Japan will make it easier for you to see him but if he`s like anyone else you could see him on the subway. Crystal Kay takes the subway to school so she`s pretty easy to spot.
I don`t think it`s a good idea to go the JE building either, doubt you would get that far anyways, so my best advice to see him is go to a performence show; HEY!x3, Shounen Club, Music Station, etc.
Good luck.
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JE stalking tours 2007/8/28 11:03
For the most die-hard fans, there are JE stalking guides and tours that detail who goes to what starbucks, what subway lines they take, etc.

I think it's more for amusement than anything, though- I know about it because a friend of a friend went on one. She didn't see any of the boys, but she did get to see a lot of interesting places in Tokyo XD
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thanks! 2007/8/28 12:23
oo thanks to both of you =D

yea i meant takahisa masuda. i never knew if they really had official rules about dating or anything but i guess not then.

hahaha stalking tours i'd have to think about that XDD who organizes them anyways?
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My understanding is.. 2007/11/1 14:52
that dating is strongly discouraged and if the boys are in the right mind, they probably shouldn't do it. Like the other poster said, it's not in the contract like in H!P, but Johnny seems to have a strong hold on these guys.
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I Don't Believe It.... 2007/11/1 19:21
I don't believe it- someone is writing about Johnny's and it's not ME! (lol) I think, naturally, a lot of the boys in Johnny's have relationships anyway (they ARE human)- Johnny's just doesn't want anyone finding out about it. (And has the means to do so. @@) Actually, I was shocked a few weeks ago when Yoshihiko Inohara (of V6) announced at a concert that he had just gotten married. I bet the management wasn't too happy about that! Poor guys...

BTW, anyone wouldn't happen to know how to get in touch with other Johnny's fans out here in Osaka, would they? ;)
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To: JT 2008/8/31 04:02
Yeah! They are on friendster! its their real profiles too...there are a couple of fakers...but it'll be easy to tell. I talk to Yuuri Chinen. :D
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JE.. 2008/12/2 11:13
How can I talk to one of them, or contact Jhonny himself?
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WOW 2008/12/18 13:56
really you tlked to chinen yuuri OMG whats his profile send it to me plz at sanakotomi@yahoo.com
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obviously 2008/12/20 03:19
They're fake profiles, she just doesn't realize it yet -__-
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yamapi 2009/1/12 11:32
they can go out and stuff
yamapi did with maki
he was going to propose to her too
but i dont know what happened to that...
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I have a question 2009/1/12 21:29
uhhmm.. where is Johnny's Entertaiment located in japan???
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Kate 2009/3/17 06:40
Kate, how do you go on one of those tours? Cuz that would be an awesome way to see really hip areas of Tokyo ^^
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