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Am I gonna die? First post 2007/8/27 19:22
I'm going to be 19 when I go to Japan for the first time and it'll be my first time out of the country and practically out of state as well. So I'm curious... will I die if I attempt to stay in Japan for like a month with just some clothes and necessitees i.e. toothbrush, face cleaning stuff, deodorant, etc., like $1500, a couple back pack things, and a plane ticket? Just stuff that I'll have with me and the way to get to and from the country. No hotel reservations or anything like that.
by Steven SLC  

. 2007/8/28 09:53
You seriously expect to spend a month in Japan getting around the country with only $50usd a day to cover everything from food, transportation around, to lodging, and any other things you plan to do??
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lol you may not die 2007/8/28 09:57
wow if u pack just that stuff you have samurai spirit. it good that u r packing little tho b/c room is small on trains. i cant explain well but you may want to pack more money and bring tissue b/c bathrooms a lot of times font have toilet paper. I am in the k a foreign exchange student in japan ( grade 9 )also even tho english was my original language, after spending lots of time in japan i lost some speaking skills and i find myself forgetting many words which kind of sucks. but yeah. oh yes, and learning to read kanji..lets just say if u only learn the so called *essential* ones, YOU WILL DIE/get laughed at/starve like a dying walrus. yep. mmk. u should know at LEAST 1500 kanji before you go to japan
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. 2007/8/28 10:07
I think what they're trying to say is, and I agree, is that you won't have enough money for lodging, food, transportation or anything else, unless you sacrificed on one area, you might not have enough money for food, then if you had enough for food, you might not have enough to find somewhere to sleep that was decent, other then propping in the park with the homeless, then you'll still need money just to get around the country, then you'll need money if you actually want to do anything other then window shopping. So either save more money or spend a shorter time in Japan with the money you got.
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seriously? 2007/8/28 10:10
do you know japanese? why are you so interested in going to japan? if you really want to do that, you know you can do it anywhere. you don't need to necessarily do it in japan.

get real. you're only 19, so that's an excuse of you being so blindly obsessed with japan.
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. 2007/8/28 10:15
He can do it without knowing Japanese much or if at all, if it were planned out and if he had more money. Or at least spend lesser amount of time in Japan instead of a whole month with the amount of money he has.
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Toilet paper 2007/8/28 10:20
Mimiru wrote:

... and bring tissue b/c bathrooms a lot of times font have toilet paper.

I guess it is a long time since you last visited Japan?
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Do It 2007/8/28 10:22
Do not learn kanji for just 1 month, everything is in english. Learn some Japanese Phrases.

$50 dollars a day is about right for SPENDING MONEY...

but youre going to need a hotel too, that will be maybe 50 60 , could be 80 a night.

If you get a 3 week JR Rail Pass for the last 3 weeks of your 1 month trip and email hotels and get that all sorted out....then $50 / day would be fun...

A 3 Week JR Rail Pass costs 500 US Dollars.... but it is a super bargain.... With that Rail Pass , you could get $1500 worth of travel. With the JR Pass, you can go ANYWHERE. its so good.

But that doesnt include partying too often or eating fancy dinners.

I think you should do it.
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. 2007/8/28 10:34
Well you can't go "everywhere" with the Pass, certainly you can go cross country with on, but once you are in many other cities that don't have JR transportation, then you're out of luck and have to dib into his already limited funds to get around.
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JR 2007/8/28 10:55
John's right... not everywhere, but between all major cities.

Some Japanese people I know thought it was really cool when I walked in to the JR Ticket office and got reserved seats for "free" with JR Pass.... They especially liked the way I could take shinkansens on places they would normally take a local train.

They said if Japanese could buy JR rail passes, everybody would take 2 weeks off and travel around Japan; because I guess Domestic travel is quite pricey in Japan.

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why are you going? 2007/8/28 11:20
all by yourself? Just for fun? You're not studying?
OK, at least try to get a cheap ryokan or hostel. At least you'll have a place to stay. Some of those places give you breakfast and dinner too, so check that our before you decide to set up camp in the "wilderness" of a park.
Realistically, this trip might not end up being very fun, and with the way you're planning it you'll want to get out within the first week. Don't stay the whole month if you don't have the money!!! You're still 19, and you'll have plenty of chances to go to Japan again once you get a salary. If you really want to go, stay for a week, get a cheap place to stay at, and learn some Japanese phrases. Good luck on memorizing all the kanji in one month. That's a feat not even a Japanese person could complete.
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hostels 2007/8/28 11:21
Do a bit of research on Hostels.
Japan seems to have a quite good network of them, and they may cut your costs alot, and also get you in touch with other travelers. Use the Hostels to stock up on directions and advice for whatever you plan for the day.

A bit of googling will expand your knowledge, and cut down alot of your fears.

As for the language, you will get by. Lots of pointing at things and use of smiles and you'll be fine.

Go for it dude. You'll have a great adventure.
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Do it. 2007/8/28 11:51
I say go for it. You're only young once. And regardless of what some of the people are saying here, you can live on $50 a day, including lodging. You will have to do a little research to cut costs though.

This is if you were planning on the Tokyo area. Other places I'm not sure of.

I'd say internet cafes would be your key place to stay. You dont' get your own room, but usually you get a nice couch, free drinks, internet access, comic books,tv, shower and a comfortable place for sometimes aorund $15-20 a night depending on the place/deal.

You can usually get a cheap meal for around $5, at places like origin bento, yoshinoya, most cheap ramen shops or chinese, as well as fast food.

Trains and subways aren't too expensive around the whole Tokyo area. You could get around all day, on around $10-15

They have coin laundrey too, so you can pack light (as long as you don't mind wearing the same clothes a lot)

That's all i can think of now, but I'm sure others can give you some advice. However all this would take a lot of balls, so I wouldn't do it unless your ready for an adventure and a challenge.
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. 2007/8/28 12:02
Of course someone is always going to say its possible, yes it is "possible" but will you be comfortable or actually enjoy your trip because you can't afford to do anything else? Probably not.
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Possible, but maybe not much fun 2007/8/28 12:32
Plenty of people do that kind of thing at your age- I came to Japan on a working holiday visa at just a year older.

Make sure you can change the date on your ticket though as I really don't think that's enough money- $80 a day is more realistic. You can just survive on $50 a day but you might not have much fun.

Unless you absolutely have your heart set on Japan, why not go to Thailand for a month? Plenty of travellers there and $50 a day is more than enough to travel around and have a great time as well.

I come from a country (not the US) where it is very common for people in their late teens and early twenties to leave home and travel for a while before settling into a job.

I find that the US doesn't have this tradition so much and people from the States are more likely to advise someone to focus on their career, wait until later etc, but I think travelling longer term is one of the best life experiences you can have.

Go for it, but don't put yourself in a situation where you run out of money and can't afford enough food/ a place to stay/ a train ticket to the airport.
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Some hostels... 2007/8/28 13:09
Okay... if you are in Kyoto,
$20 per night, cheaper if you have a sleeping bag:

In Tokyo: $30 per night.

$50 might be tight after transport and food and entertainments. Maybe the $80 suggestion would be more appropriate.
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my answer 2007/8/28 15:28
Thanks for the novels guys haha took me a while to read it all. But a couple things... Off the top of my head, I can't remember who put it, but someone said i was "blindly obsessed with Japan." Hell is that? You don't anything about me other than I'm from Salt Lake City and I have a name common with many, many nerds (steven. bah). I don't like anime, I don't like Honda cars (if a car was meant to be fast its engine would have more than 4 cylinders), and I'm not particularly fascinated with Japanese culture. Now I'm not bashing Japan. Not at all. I'm just saying that although most people that go to Japan are probably like anime freaks or go to their high school dances in kimonos doesn't mean I am. I'm not really classifiable. Closest I guess could be like kind of metal head/christian-ish/straight edge-ish thing or something. I don't really plan on climbing Mt Fuji like other people (I've been googling Japan stuff for a few weeks. I'm learning :P), or experiencing traditional Japanese this or that. I want to go to Japan because Japanese people are hot, polite, clean, well-mannered, and respectful and friendly. Which is going to be a MONUMENTAL change from the dirty, disrespectful drug addicts I'm surrounded by. And to check out the Tokyo metal clubs and music scene. I'm going to Japan because its probably about as far from Utah as you can get without being a third-world country or communist. And it's an island and I looove rain. I've thought about Germany too since I'm part German, but Germany has mostly white people. I'm going for like a totally different world here.
Think I forgot what I was trying to say.. uh. Thailand is a good suggestion, and I've considered it, but doesn't Thailand have like.. guys dressing up like girls for money or something? haha. I mean.. haha that's fine and dandy for whatever but I don't know lol. I'm sure Thailand's cool and all but Japan is an island. I want an island lol.
And I read somewhere that I can sleep in internet cafes for a few bucks a night or something. And I think someone mentioned that. I'm perfectly fine with that (fine with sleeping in a park too. As long as its not too cold and doesn't rain).
I am a young'n and I'll be cool with "dining out" at the local 7 Eleven haha. Although I still will try to find some small, family owned and operated food places cause they're the best food you can get in the world and McDonalds sucks. I haven't been there for years and never will again. I hate fast food.

I totally forgot what else I was going to put but reply back guys. I want to hear more of what you have to say since its not like its even a set plan yet. I don't even have a passport yet.
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go for it 2007/8/28 15:54
when I was 20 my college principal helped me go to Finland for 2 months (only the paperwork- I begged, cried, whined to all my relatives for money) . I didn't speak a word of Finnish but with some English and French and a dictionary I managed very well and felt extremelly happy . Later on I travelled across Europe using English and French and a few words of Italian and German. I have been to Japan quite a few times, know only a few words but not a single kanji, yet have managed very well too. of course, being used to trains, subways , crowds, etc .in Europe does help. Go for it but:
1-you need more money and especially an account you can draw on at an ATM or a credit card for (some) hotels etc. .
2-for a first trip 2 weeks, 3 at most, may be enough..
3-going to small towns not easily accessible by (fast) trains is not a good idea at any age and especially not for a first trip. A few years back my friend and I trusted a gudebook and ended up walking over 30 kms to and from a village in the boonies in France...
stick to big enough towns..
No you will not die but you do need to be more prepared.
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... 2007/8/28 16:17
I think Plantagenesta gave some good tips. Also if you stay in the big cities , it's probably easier to find cheap hostels/business hotels/etc. For example in Tokyo there's a lot of cheap hostels in Asakusa area, starting from 2000yen (around 17usd). In Osaka, too, I've stayed in a business hotel that was around 2000yen.

The thing that costs a lot in Japan is travelling between cities, at least if you're going to take the fast trains. Even with the JR pass, I think it's pretty expensive. So it would probably be easier to stick to the budget if you don't have to travel all over Japan. You can take a night bus from Tokyo to Osaka for 5000yen, for example. And from Osaka you can travel to Kyoto and Nara quite cheap with the local trains.

I have actually travelled in Japan on a smaller budget than 50usd/day, but not for a whole month though. Anyway I think you can have a lot of fun in Japan even if you wouldn't have tons of money.
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Do it 2007/8/28 16:21
I arrived in Japan with less, and ended up staying .... a long time.

Reading your words make me think: this is an opportunity for you. Just be ready for some rough moments. There will be sleeples times, hungtry times, homesick times. And in the maze it will be your challenge to find the gold.

Whatever happens, when all is said and done you will have a more realistic perspective on Japan, the world and on Steven.
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