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Tsukiji to Roppongi HIlls 2007/8/28 10:26
Tokyo 23-ku
I will be in Tsukiji at 5 am.

I know I can walk to Ginza from Tsukiji, but stores do not open until 10 or 11am.

What can I do in the meantime walking distance from Tsukiji/Ginza?

How far is Ronppongi Hills from tsukiji/Ginza?

Give me suggestions for a day in Tokyo...I have been to Ginza, Harajuku.
by Angelina Jolie  

... 2007/8/28 12:23
Tsukiji to Roppongi hills is about 15 min. City View (Observation deck) is open at 9am but shops at 11am.

Where are you going to stay? It is not a bad idea to go back to your hotel and take a nap before starting your day :)
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. 2007/8/28 12:31
Roppongi and Tsukiji is some 6 km or so away from each other. Certainly not something you might want to walk.
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con'td. 2007/8/29 02:10
I am staying in Ueno.

How do I get from Tsukiji to Roppongi Hills?

Is there another site close to Roppongi Hills I can walk to and visit?
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... 2007/8/29 11:12
Yes, there are various other attractions around Roppongi, such as the Art Museum and Tokyo Midtown.

More details are here:
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Use the Oedo or Hibiya lines 2007/8/29 13:18
You can take the Oedo line from Shiodome to Roppongi or the Hibiya line from Tsukiji to Roppongi.
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