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You opinions on my itinary and travel 2007/8/28 17:18
This is my updated itinary. If I could get some peoples thoughts on it, that would be great.

Also, after looking at the places I plan to go, would people say it would be a good idea for my sister and I to get a Japan Rail Pass? Would it cover all the locations we wish to visit?

Day 1 – Arrive at Narita airport and transfer to Tokyo
Day 2 – Tokyo (Shinjuku district, Shibuya district)
Day 3 – Tokyo (Harajuki, Asakusa)
Day 4 – Kamakura day trip
Day 5 – Day trip to Nikko
Day 6 – Takayama
Day 7 – Kyoto (Sanjusangendo, Imperial Palace, Pontocho)
Day 8 – Kyoto (Kiyomizudera, at least two of the Zen temples)
Day 9 – Kyoto (Osaka)
Day 10 – Himeji Castle for half day, then in Kyoto for rest of the day
Day 11 – Nara day trip, rest of the evening in Kyoto
Day 12 – Tokyo (Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari)
Day 13 – Tokyo (Tokyo Dome City OR Disneyland)
Day 14 – Tokyo and Depart (Imperial Palace gardens)

Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions.
by Kelly  

7 day JR Pass 2007/8/28 20:22
With the 7 day JR Pass you have the following options:
a.) start it Day 6 with the long distance travel Tokyo Takayama, end Day 12 Kyoto - Tokyo and balance of this last day of the JR pass Tokyo with JR trains., ( while Odaiba is non JR stations ) . Go to Nikko by private Tobu railway ( extra payment ).
b.) start it Day 5 with Tokyo - JR shinkansen - Utsunomiya - JR local Nikko and return. But now go back on Day 11 Nara - JR local Kyoto - JR shinkansen - Tokyo overnight Tokyo. This would maximize use of 7 day Pass.
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^_^ 2007/8/28 20:24
Thankyou, that is very helpful advice :)
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7 day or 14 day JR Pass 2007/8/28 20:35
The 14 day JR Pass is Yen 16800 more ( Yen 45 100 ) so let's check :
Day 1 Narita - Tokyo Yen 3000 Narita Express
Day 2 some JR within Tokyo Yen 500
Day 3 some JR within Tokyo Yen 500
Day 4 Kamakura Yen 1800 return
Day 12 Tokyo JR Shimbashi station ( then Yurikamome line ) Yen 260 return
Day 13 Tokyo - JR Maihama for Disneyland Yen 420
Day 14 Tokyo Narita Yen 3000 Narita Express
total Yen 9480 = less than surcharge 14 day Pass
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^_^ 2007/8/28 22:27
Ah, I was thinking of asking if perhaps it'd be more economical to get a 14 day Rail Pass...

Thank you for showing me that perhaps it isn't!

How easy is Tokyo to get lost in if you are travelling by foot and have a map? I really like to walk around cities, despite how time consuming it can be. London is pretty easy to navigate, but what is Tokyo like?
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orientation 2007/8/28 22:37
difficult question. What I did during the first visits: Go near a sight by public transport, always the ( free from JNTO ) Tourist Map of Tokyo with me, and then walking to the sights. Some streets in Tokyo are narrow and confusing. In summer heat and high humitity may be more exhausting than the orientation alone.
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... 2007/8/29 11:25
Day 5 EDay trip to Nikko
Day 6 ETakayama
Day 7 EKyoto (Sanjusangendo, Imperial Palace, Pontocho)

I think you need more time for Takayama:

It takes about 5 hours to travel from Tokyo to Takayama and 4 hours to travel from Takayama to Kyoto. It seems you plan to pack all that traveling into day 6 (since you spend day 5 in Nikko and will require most of day 7 for your Kyoto program), leaving with you with only very little time to actually see Takayama.
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Cheers 2007/8/29 17:22
Yes, someone else has mentioned to me that I might want to spend more time in Takayama.

I've also been told that Kyoto and Himeji aren't that close either, so that might be a problem.
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Day 11... 2007/8/29 17:52
just a little suggestion
Might want to try going to Toshimaen niwa no yu instead of Oedo Monogatari for onsen. Alot less touristy. And not so crowded.
It's located at Nerima station on the Seibu Line (from Ikebukuro)
Here's the website but only in Japanese
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Thank you 2007/8/29 18:06
Thank you for the suggestion. I have looked at the website, and I think it looks like a lovely place! However, I think my younger sister will prefer to go to Oodeo. It seems a bit more child friendly!
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Takayama and Himeji 2007/8/29 18:29
More time for Takayama:
Day 5 shorten visit Nikko and lv JR Nikko at 14.19 h JR local Utsunomiya shinkansen Tokyo hikari Nagoya last Ltd Express Hida 17 arrive Takayama 22.01 h overnight and next day Takayama second overnight Takayama first Hida lv 07.17 h arrive Kyoto 10.40 h
compared to
Day 6 first hikari Tokyo 06.36 h via Nagoya arrive Takayama 10.52 h = 1/2 day for Takayama one overnight Takayama first Hida lv. 07.17 h arrive Kyoto 10.40 h
Himeji: First direct hikari Kyoto lv 07.42 h arrive Himeji 08.27 h = be at castle for 09.00 h opening, 2.5 hours visit, return to JR Himeji for the 12.02 h hikari to arrive Kyoto 12.58 h
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^_^ 2007/8/29 18:46
Peter, you should arrange holidays for a living!

That is very useful. I will add that into my itinary. It seems a very good way to spend those days. Thank you very much!
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