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When is Universal Studios more crowded? 2007/8/28 19:26
Osaka City
My family from Sydney (including boy, 11 and girl, 14) is planning to visit Osaka early in October. We can go to USJ for six and a half hours on a Thursday,or the full ten hours on Friday. Is Friday likely to be much more crowded? Also is 6 and a half hours enough to "do" USJ on a regular Thursday? Thanks to anyone who can advise.
by Susan R  

... 2007/8/29 10:01
I don't think there is a big difference between Thursday and Friday. As you have more time, why don't you go there on Friday?

Note that October 5th (Fri) may be a bit more crowded as 6th to 8th are back to back (and to back) holidays.
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back-to-back October holidays? 2007/8/29 13:05
Thanks for your quick response, J Lady. Yes, it is Friday the 5th that we could go to USJ. Can you tell me what are the holidays you mentioned. (I have the latest edition Lonely Planet, and there is nothing about public holidays in October in it. OTOH, it was surprisingly difficult to find accommodation in Kyoto that weekend, which now makes sense.) Thanks in advance for your advice.
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holidays 2007/8/29 13:26
september 17th and 24th are national holidays. Also a lot of schools go on trips to USJ during the week, so it's crowed pretty much all the time. When I went with my school, there were mostly students there (in uniform).
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sorry 2007/8/29 13:27
Sorry oct 8th is a holiday.
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time waiting for USJ rides 2007/8/29 20:03
Thanks, Nekobaka.

I've just found our that Monday 8 October is Sports Day, and it's a long weekend. That's really useful to know before our trip.

BTW, how long was a typical waiting time for rides when you went to USJ with your school?

Did you see "Wicked"? If so, did you have to queue up for long before the performance?

What was the best ride for you?
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