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Miyako accommodation 2007/8/28 20:03
Miyako Islands
I have searched for weeks online to find info on Miyako jima accommodation but it's all in Japanese. I have tried to use online translators which didn't help much.

I need to find a list of hotels and price lists and availability.

I found a decent site here with links http://www3.city.miyakojima.lg.jp/kankou-deutsch/

but upon clicking the links it is still all in japanese and the online translators don't translate the site at all.

Also it seems that the majority of accomm. is very expensive. Is there anything more reasonable? like 10000 yen for a double or twin room, and non - smoking?

thank you.
thanks if you can help! :)
by scamel  

... 2007/8/29 11:40
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Same problem 2007/8/30 00:20
Scamel, I had the same problem. I found the tourism site for Miyakojima and through that, I was able to email the hotel that I wanted (Hotel Island Coral) and book my reservation. A twin room is 7800, and that includes a simple breakfast.

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Miyako Island 2008/1/6 14:41
I'm thinking of spending about 2 days on Miyako Island. I'm looking for a hotel near the airport for no less than 5,000 yen/night.

I found this one here and seems to be a good location:

More questions about Miyako-shima, how do I get around the island without a car? My International license expires in early March and my trip is in late March. Are there are buses? Is it possible to walk?
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Hotel 2008/1/6 19:15
Actually, the "Feenukaji" hotel seems to be a better location. I want a hotel that is in between Yonaha Mae Beach (south-west) and Sunayama Beach (north). A lot of the other hotels webpages I found were in Japanese or too expensive. If I stay in a cheapier hotel, I could spend more time on the island and get a better chance for blue skies.
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. 2008/1/6 20:24
Hi there, we stayed in the Hotel island coral. It was in the heart of Hirara.

I'm not sure how you would get around with a car. it would be very hard. You may be able to hire a scooter or something without a licence?

The island is not big but to get around without a car would be extremely time consuming.

Joe - I don't think there are any affordable hotels along the coast there. They are all very expensive. If you have a car it doesn't matter though. It is quick to get around the place. :)

We were there 3 days and saw the whole island and the 2 islands next to it too.
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Car 2008/1/6 22:28
I found the license today, it doesn't expire until the 29th and I have the last two weeks of March as possiblities. I'm not sure if I will just go to Miyako right now or go to Naha and leave from there. I'm looking for great coastal/beach pictures. I may go to Ishigaki if I have time.
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Hotel 2008/1/6 23:04
I'm thinking of staying at the Hotel Island Coral myself. I think it's a better choice for the small price difference. Did you have any problems making a reservation?
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. 2008/1/7 10:44
What we did was book the hire car at the airport (took a while due to language barrier but we got there), then they drove us to the depot to pick up the car. Prior to leaving, ask them to input the location of your guesthouse into the GPS.

No Hotel Island Coral were very good and quick with the booking procedure. In fact I also contacted Feenajuki and Hidamari and they never once responded to my emails so I had no idea if it was booked or not!

Go to flickr.com - lots of beautiful photos there :)
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Weather 2008/1/7 13:50
Even though I live in Japan, booking two months in advance for March is a gamble because I don't know how the weather will be. I think staying for 5 days should give me some good days with lots of sun. I have decided to stay in the Coral Hotel, it seems more professional.

There is an online service called ToCoo! which offers car rental service. There are 3 in Miyako-jima, and one is close to the airport.

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