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stay near disney or central tokyo? 2007/8/29 12:00
We plan to have 2 days in Disney.

My itinerary:
Day 1 arrive tokyo evening
Day 2 Tokyo
Day 3 Disney
Day 4 Disney
Day 5 Hakone

My questions are: we plan to stay in ikebukuro. But with two days in Disney, and considering that the journey takes about 45min to an hour to get to Disney, also considering that we want to maximise Disney time, would it be better to move from the hotel in ikebukuro to somewhere nearer disney? or just commute daily? my other option is to go directly to the hotel near disney from day 1 and commute to central tokyo for sightseeing on day 2.

last question: my planned accomodation near disney is a budget hotel called the Family Resort Fifty's. Anyone heard about this? If this is not a good option, any recommendations for nearby hotels that are not expensive?

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family resort fifty's 2007/8/29 14:33
did you check it on
this is a budget hotel chain (or with at least a few hotels in various cities, like Osaka)
I haven't stayed i nany of their hotels but have heard good things about it. You do understand, don't you, that budget hotels in Japan, Europe etc. have smaller rooms than USA hotels and motels, but, unless you get a very very cheap place, they are quite adequate.
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Fifty's 2007/8/29 18:27
Disney fan, Are you talking about Fifty's in minami-kasai?
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yes 2007/8/29 18:46
I stayed at Family Inn Fiftys in Osaki in 2003. It was clean & nice but the room was small as with most budget hotels in Japan. Soon after I stayed there, they re-located to near Disneyland.
Another option is to stay in Tsudanuma - 20 minutes by train from Tokyo station, easy to get to Disneyland by train. Try Hotel Mets - it's right at the station.
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yes osakana 2007/8/29 19:09
i am referring to that hotel. staying in kusadama 20min away from tokyo by train has no significant savings in time from ikebukuro either right? probably abt 15min savings? I'd still have to transfer at Tokyo station. I'm thinking of minimising these transfers/commuting time.
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sorry! i meant Tsudanuma 2007/8/29 19:22
apologies. I meant Tsudanuma. Will still do a search on Hotel Mets to check it out. Thanks.
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Fifty's 2007/8/29 19:35
It looks fine for a budget hotel. I have never stayed there but live very close by. It's about a 15min. walk to Kasai Rinki Koen Station (JR Keiyo Line) from there the next stop is Maihama, where you get off for Disney.
From there you can take the "Disney Resort Line" or whatever they call it.

Unless you like packing up & changing hotels I'd just stay at Fifty's & commute to central tokyo for your day 2 sightseeing.
Also from Narita you can get a limo bus to "disney resorts area" 2400yen per person & taxi over to the hotel.
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Disney Fan 2007/8/29 21:14
This may help you, also you might want to check on this site "Hotel Dreamgate Maihama" you have to contact them for the price, but it looks nice & very close.
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