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Visa days confusion 2007/8/29 12:11

I'm going to study for 3 months in Japan. I will use a tourist visa for the visit which lasts for 3months/90 days.
I will arrive the 1st September and departure the 30th November. This will be a total 91 days. Now, I have heard that the arrival day doesn't counts so my visit will be count as 90 days. This is righ, isn't it?

When I fill my tourist Visa on the plane, shall I write that I'm going to stay for 91 days or 90?
by Carl  

90 days 2007/8/29 14:23
I have not heard about the arriving day not counting so Im not sure. It is 90 days however so one day over that would make you illegal there and possibly hinder any chance of your returning. I would suggest its better to be safe than sorry and cut it one day shorter.
Of course you could ring your local japanese consulate :)
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Its ok. 2007/8/29 14:44

I looked on of my old tourist visas and it said

Date of permit: 15 june
Untill: 13 september
Which is 91 days so I guess the arrival day doesn't count after all..
So, I should wrtie 90 days even if I'm staying for 91(incl arrival day)?

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Not OK 2007/8/29 14:56

Date of permit: 15 june
Untill: 13 september
Which is 91 days so I guess the arrival day doesn't count after all..

Check your calendar again. That's 90 days.
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Really? 2007/8/29 15:25
I have counted the days several times now and I get it to 91.

I have called the embassy and they said that I was allowed to stay for 3 months. Even if it's more than 90days.. (Like from 1st Sep to 1st Dec)
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Interesting way of counting 2007/8/29 15:41

I see what you are saying now... The 90-day visa is valid for 90 days from the day of arrival, which does mean that it spans 91 days. Note however that if you start asking to stay for 91 days, you could put yourself in the position of overstaying your visa, which is a serious matter. This is really not recommended if you hope to visit Japan again in the near future.
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Ok! 2007/8/29 17:59
Ok, now I got it. Thank you :)
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Switch to long term visa? 2007/8/29 19:21
Sorry to violate your thread but i have a similar question ^^
After 3 month on tourist visa I woud like to stay for one more year. How can you best do this? Which visa must or can I obtain?
Your answers are appreciated.
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visas 2007/8/29 22:03
You must obtain a working visa, working holiday visa, spouse visa, student visa or cultural visa.

If you do a search you will find information on all these. You cannot stay that long as a tourist.
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.. 2007/8/29 22:49
As mentioned you should just put 90 days, in actuality if you are on a visa waiver or any other item, it doesn't matter how much you put down, for example, I'm a US Citizen, I have a 90day Visa waiver, on the embarkation card (filled out on the plane, it asks me how long I'm staying, I could put 6 days, but that really doesn't matter because they will always issue you a 90 temporary visitor status, so even if I put 6, so as long as its not over 90 you should be ok. As mentioned you really want to make note of the day you have to leave, because even staying a day over can bring trouble, so if it says until JUNE 3, 2008, you better be at the airport on JUNE 3, 2008 leaving, not JUNE 4.
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