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Tell me where to get cigars in Japan? 2007/8/29 16:45
Hi, I am living in Tokyo(Ota-ku). I'm working at Ginnza (as marketing manager).

I am a cigar lover.
I love to smoke a cigar at weekend.
But, I don't know where to get cigars in Tokyo..

Anyone knows where to get Cuban cigars in Tokyo?

Do you know any cool bar for smoking cigars?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
by tom  

Tabacco 2007/8/30 09:24
any local tobacco shop will sell cigars, including cubans. There's one in the Yokosuka mall, and there's also one in Yokohama's China Town. Those are all the ones i know about, but I bet you that there's many more to find.
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cigars 2007/8/30 15:45
I remember seeing a cigar bar on Omotesando, on the right side as you go down from Aoyama towards Meiji-dori.

Pretty sure it's still there.
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cigar options 2007/8/30 16:46
Contact pete cigar to sort you out with some good priced habanos. He can also be found smoking regularly in hobgoblins roppongi.

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Westin 2007/8/30 16:51
There's also a cigar bar in Westin hotel at Ebisu. I'm sure there's more. I wouldn't be surprised if there was one in Ginza.
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The Golden Gates 2007/8/31 08:42
Drop me an email. Next time I'm in Tokyo, I'll invite you over to my place. I'm in Aoyama.

The best place I've found is Ja Jas which is on main, in Aoyama.

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Thanks! 2007/8/31 13:31
Thanks for your all advice and information!

Will visit the bars soon.

More info/advice is much appreciated.

Do you know any cigar community in Japan?

Thank you!
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cigars 2007/8/31 14:55
there are a bunch of guys smoking regularly at hobgoblin roppongi. pete cigar runs occasional cigar events there and at other bars. contact him and he'll hook you up.
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Habanos in Tokyo 2007/8/31 18:10
We gather regularly down at Hobgoblins English pub in Roppongi. Feel free to call (or email) them up and Sam will give you my contact number.
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