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connection between 2 terminals in narita 2007/8/29 18:53
My friend and I are flying into Narita by different airlines SIA & JAL). Therefore we are at different terminals 1 & 2. is there any sky train or airport bus that either one of us can take to meet ?

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airport shuttle 2007/8/30 09:24
There is a shuttle bus that runs between the terminals.
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Is the shuttle service free of charge ? 2007/8/30 09:52
thanks ! but is the shuttle service free of charge ?

We are planning to haed towards Kobe from airport. is there a bus that we can take ?
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. 2007/8/30 09:58
The buses between the terminals is free. Please have ample amount of time to do the transfer, assuming you are coming from an International Flight into Japan into Terminal 1 (SIA) then connecting to Terminal 2 for a domestic JAL flight.

Transportation from Kobe Airport to the city is not very far:
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Narita airport to Kobe city 2007/8/30 10:14
Thanks for replying so soon ! actually I meant taking a bus from narita airport to Kobe city. want to use my JR pass only later.

This is our plan , can advice ?
day 1- KObe city
day 2- kobe then tokyo
day 3 - Seminar in Tokyo
day 4- Nagoya, takayama
day 5 - Takayama
day 6 - hakone
day 7 - hakone
day 8 - tokyo

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. 2007/8/30 10:19
You will most likely have to connect in Tokyo for any high way buses and overnight buses to Nagoya.

So first you need to get into Tokyo from NRT:

Then take a bus from Tokyo to Nagoya:

I really don't understand you listed 8 days in Japan, why not use your JR Pass to go from Tokyo to Nagoya by train? Its a lot faster.

Days 7-8 you can pay single fare tickets from Hakone back to Tokyo (via Shinjuku or Tokyo), and pay to get back to Narita Airport from tokyo its cheap (see link above again)

That is what I would do.

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. 2007/8/30 10:25
Correction I meant Tokyo to Kobe by train.

Use your JR pass from days 1-7 and pay your way back on day 8 from Hakone to Tokyo, it comes out cheaper that way. Since a train ticket from Hakone to Tokyo is cheaper then a highway bus ticket from Tokyo to Kobe.
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