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Kurashiki accommodation. 2007/8/29 21:56
Does anyone have any suggestions for affordable accomodation in Kurashiki? There seem to be many expensive hotels available online but few lower cost ryokan or minshuku with online booking.
by Glenda  

. 2007/8/30 09:27
Kurashiki is very close to Okayama, if you can't find anything search Okayama.
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Toyoko Inn 2007/8/30 10:06
I am staying at the Toyoko Inn, it's about 5200 yen a night but if you book for a week you get a good discount.
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... 2007/8/30 10:07
Glenda, we don't know what is affordable to you. If you post your budget range, it will become easier for us to help you.

Anyhow, there are some business hotels Kurashiki.

Kurashiki Station Hotel:http://www.kurashiki-sh.co.jp/
Kurashiki Terminal Hotel
Hotel Kurashiki
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Sleep Inn 2007/8/30 20:24
Sleep Inn Kurashiki appears to be in a slightly inconvienient spot (close to a station but not Kurashiki station??..) but prices are great (and it has non smoking rooms / rooms for up to 4 people) Google it.
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kurashiki 2007/8/30 22:31
Thanks for the advice everyone. After following your leads I found a very helpful site about Kurashiki accommodationincuding a map.
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I found a hotel 2007/8/31 02:17
I am staying at sleep inn. I get a senior's discount and free breakfast. 10 mins. walk from JR Station.

I'd say that's a great deal!
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Toyoko Inn room comfort 2007/9/14 09:48
I will be staying in Kurashiki for three nights.

Can anyone who stayed at the Toyoko Inn tell me if the single room is really tiny? I have the option of spending a bit more and staying elsewhere (Kokusai Hotel)if the Toyoko Inn is too uncomfortable for that period of time. Is there any storage area like a closet or drawers for your clothes?

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. 2007/9/14 10:23
Toyoko inn rooms are small (but all business hotels are too).

But yes, they have lots of storage space, usually there's a closet, and under the bed there is very large space, where you can keep large luggage etc, I've never had much problems with it as a single traveler.

The Kokusai Hotel looks like it provides a bit more space if you need it, i've never had a problem with Toyoko-Inns.

Three days seems a bit for Kurashiki unless you had a specific plan to be there, I mentioned before Okayama is nearby if you plan on visiting more places with Kurashiki as a day trip.
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Kurashiki hotel 2007/9/14 23:16
Thanks, John, for your reply.

I am using Kurashiki as a base and plan to visit Okayama, Onomichi and probably Hiroshima while I am there.
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another option 2007/9/15 02:18
you can visit kobe too and have some yummy kobe beef.
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