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Marriage involving 11-tear old son 2007/8/30 00:36
Thanks to all for my previous question, especially Miki-chan... Are there private Junior High schools in major U.S. cities taught in Nihongo to ease the transition to America for the son of a Japanese woman I might marry? Arrimasuka? Takai desu ka?
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. 2007/8/30 09:48
The one and only school ever certified by the Japanese Ministry of Education in the United States closed a few months ago. In tennessee. Many Japanese who are located in the US who bring their children over enroll them into regular schools, sometimes they have to take extra ESL classes or tutoring. Japan's Crown Princess Masako attended and graduated high school in the US.
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. 2007/8/30 09:50
I meant to say the school that was closed was located in Tennessee. After I mention Tennessee is the beginning of a new statement, and not meant to mean many Japanese relocate to Tennessee.
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education 2007/8/30 17:25
A lot of large cities in the U.S. has schools for Japanese children to learn in Japanese. Asahi Gakuen in L.A. is one of the long-running ones.

In any case, thousands of Japanese children have been coming to the U.S. due to their parents jobs, so your fiance should update herself about her son's education at organizations like JETRO.

Btw, your current question is shown on the "Others" section and since there is no link to your "previous questions" I don't know what they are.
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Just an idea 2007/8/31 13:47
If you want to, you can have your girlfriend check this site (a list of Japanese schools in US) since it's in Japanese.


You can call ones you're interested in and ask all of the questions you might have.
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I found one 2007/9/4 00:26
I randomly found an international school in Atlanta, and it is approved by the Ministry Education of Japan.

Here is the introduction for the school on the site :

At SAINTS. basic Japanese education is provided according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of Japan. Lessons that can be realized only at SAINTS, with its strong international character, are given every day. Research conducted jointly by the teachers activates the classrooms. The elementary students have 12-14 hours of English a week and learn to speak both English and Japanese fluently.

Every effort is made to foster full English and Japanese abilities not only for exchanging greetings and self introductions, but also for expressing their own opinions and deepening their ideas, which will lead to
the creation of something new

Obviously if you don't live anywhere near Georgia, I'm sorry that this is unable to help you in anyway, but I remember reading over this post and I randomly found this school after googling a japanese word I saw on a sign in a pen pal's photo.

Here is the schools main web site if want it :

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Atlanta 2007/9/4 01:57
Thanks Mel...
Is there a large Japanese community in Atlanta? I've heard something along those lines...
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Yes 2007/9/4 12:41
Bill, just a quick search on the internet using the keyword "Atlanta nihonjin" in Japanes letters gives me lots of information including the Japanese Chamber of Commerce site, and the fact that there are many Japanese living in the city.
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just a thought 2007/9/4 12:49
Bill, again I don't know the history of your question, so please ignore me if you don't think that my comment is appropriate. I am not against anyone who is willing to move abroad no matter the age, but if this boy happens to be refusing to move away from his hometown and if I were his mother, I wouldn't move now. 11 is an important age.
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More details 2007/9/4 13:24
Hi, uko-san,
No problem - it's all appropriate. I appreciate your comments.
I posed this question on another part of this site. Everyone seems to stress how crucial it is for the son to be happy. I agree, and I will do everything that I can to help in this regard. It has to be a huge trauma to not only relocate for school, but to relocate to a foreign country...
We are talking about at least a Japanese school in the U.S.
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Oops... Uco-san... 2007/9/4 13:26
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thanks 2007/9/5 12:17
It's good to know you're aware of that, Bill. I myself was moved back and forth around that age, and I have a teenage son now, so it really concerns me. Moving according to your own will and being moved by someone else are completely different, no matter how much a paradise the new environment is.

Btw, I just found your other thread. And don't worry about mis-spelling my name. My real name is actually more closer to uko :)
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