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Nuts for self consumtion 2007/8/30 00:51
My wife and I are under a diet regime. We consume a certain type of crackers and also Pecan and California Nuts. Am i allowed to bring these with me to Japan?
by Gadiel Schatz  

... 2007/8/31 10:33
I've regularly brought peanuts, almonds, and macadamia nuts to Japan with no problem, and I believe that you should be ok bringing in most nuts as long as you aren't trying to bring in excessive quantities of them. This site might be helpful:

I did remember hearing something about brazil nuts in the past but couldn't find anything about it.

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nuts... 2007/8/31 17:17
Not too sure whether nuts are considered as sort of plant products that are prohibited to bring into Japan. Best and safest way to do is to declare to the customs that you have some for self consumption. When I bring in some food to the states like cakes or nuts even currencies ( if more than US$10,000 for foreigners ), I do declare in the form and let them decide. For far I had no problem with that!
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thanks 2007/8/31 18:45
Thanks to both of you who answered. I think I will bring what I need and declare it.
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