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Kids' haircut & styles 2007/8/30 05:35
Tokyo 23-ku
I saw some cute little kids (babies & toddlers) have very cute haircuts & up-do. Where can I find these hairstyles, any books/magazines/websites just for kids' hairstyling & tips?

Also, I will be traveling to Tokyo soon and heard that there's a few nice salons just for kids. Any recommendation or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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i remember 2007/8/30 15:17
I remember seeing a kids salon in tokyo that was pretty cute. It was in this mall... and i forgot where it is, but in the same place as the Venus Forte (but not in that mall) and the Fuji TV building. Somebody in here should know where that is. But if it isn't out of business (i saw this like 4 years ago), it's this really cute salon and the kids get to sit in small cars and planes while they get their hair cut. The colors are very bright, i remember lots of green. Very kid oriented.
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Odaiba 2007/8/30 15:45
The area Miko is talking about is Odaiba.
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Thank you 2007/8/31 04:53
Thanks both. I will check the area out.

Has anyone took the kids there? Do they give you a styling book to choose or what? Does staff there speak English?! Thanks again.
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not sure 2007/8/31 11:49
I only looked at it from the outside. This was before i knew any Japanese at all. But i'm sure someone in there speaks english. If not, just point to a picture of what style you want and they'll understand.
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