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Hiking plan Hokkaido+Tohoku - realistic? 2007/8/30 15:50
I've been looking forward to this for years. Is this doable? (NB I can speak Japanese). It is all day hikes withg bento - no mountain lodges. The season is mid-October.

Day 1: fly into Sapporo
Day 2: train/bus to Shiretoko
Day 3: hike day in Shiretoko
Day 4: transit to Akan
Day 5: hike Me-akan
Day 6: transit to Daisetsuzan
Day 7: day
hike in Daisetsuzan (from Sounkyo?)
Day 8: transit to Sapporo
Day 9: transit to either Shikotsuko, Toyako or Onuma.
Day 10: Hike, then move on to Hakodate
Day 11: relax in Hakodate
Day 12: transit via Aomori to Mt Hakkoda
Day 13: Hike Mt Hakkoda plus Oirasae Valley. Sleep at Day 12 place.
Day 14: Transit to Mt Gassan area via Tsuruoka or Yamagata.
Day 15: hike Mt Gassan
Day 16: transit to Tokyo and back home.

I want to know first if it is practical. And if anyone suggests alternative hikes (eg Chokai or Zao instead of Gassan; or Hachimantai instead of Hakkoda) I am open to that.

by Ira  

falling leaves 2007/8/31 15:02
Just a guess, but there might be more foliage action on the Tohoku side at that time.

Of course, this has been a hot summer ....
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... 2007/8/31 22:11
Mid October can see snow in the higher elevations of Hokkaido, especially Daisetsuzan National Park.

Apart from that, I think it looks doable. Except as for day 13, I am not sure whether it is practical to pack Hakkoda and Oirase into a single day.
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