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Immigration: Int'l to dmstic flight 2007/8/30 17:16
I'll be flying in to Osaka from Bangkok on Thai Airways then catch an ANA flight to Chitose. Both of the airlines are members of star alliance. Do I have to pass through immigration at Osaka- get my bags then check-in again to board the domestic flight? This will determine my minimum transit time.

Fyi: the 2 airlines advise totally opposite procedures!

Thanks for your help.
by pinkbroom  

. 2007/8/31 10:01
Yes you have to clear immigration and customs at Narita Airport, then do a domestic check-in (there are separate domestic and international check-in and departure facilities), then you have to go through airport security to catch your domestic flight.
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But... 2007/8/31 12:54
The question is about Osaka- possibly Kansai airport? not Narita.
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. 2007/8/31 13:04
lol you got me there, but the procedure should be the same at KIX, you have to clear immigration and customs first from a International flight, and connecting to a domestic flight you have to re-check in domestic side and clear security again.
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. 2007/8/31 13:07
What is the conflicting information you are getting from the airline?
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International-Domestic at KIX 2007/8/31 15:42
I did something similar a few years ago (2001) I flew from Sydney to Kansai KIX then to Fukuoka, I had to go through Baggage claim at KIX Customs and Immigration then check-in for my domestic flight to Fukuoka.
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immigration & customs 2007/8/31 16:00
Yes, all incoming international flights have to clear thru the immigration and customs before catching the connecting domestic flight. Since you are flying with Thai and ANA, which are both members of the Star Alliances, they should co-ordinate your schedules to ensure you have sufficient time for the connecting flight including checking in your baggages. (At Narita, Star Alliances' airlines check-in counters are in the same terminal and same wing of the buliding for easy transfer). Please ask your airline if similar arrangement in Kansai.
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thank you! 2007/8/31 17:01
Thank you all for your help!

I was told by TG that my bags can be checked through as they are star alliance partners while ANA said I had to go through immigration first and recheck-in.

Could you pls tell me the advisable transit time? Would 90 mins be sufficient?
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. 2007/9/1 02:36
TG could be right if you were connecting from Domestic to International, eg ANA to TG, but if you are connecting from International to Domestic, you must take your bags and do a customs check at KIX before you re-check in.
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about lauggage 2007/9/3 18:06
my lauggage weighs about 35 kilogram. How can i do for that? Because i met difficulty when i came to osaka from thai because of overweight.Although i said to pay money for extra weight, they don't allow me and asked me to divide my things into two bags. So I want to know it is ok if i carry my belongings with 2 bags ori must reduce my things not to exceed 20 kilio. please reply me...
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