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1st week October Kyoto accommodation 2007/8/30 17:29
Kyoto City
Is there something going on in this week? i have contacted several places and they are full. I guess i am losing the battle... the battle to find a cheapish place near the JR Kyoto station for the first week of Nov??

any ideas??
Toyoko inn- not near that station
guesthouses - not avail
some other random guesthouses i contacted - not avail

I dont want to spend more than 14000yen night for a double/twin.
by kittymel  

... 2007/8/31 10:05
October is one of the busiest months in Kyoto.

If Toyoko Inn is available, go for it. Toyoko Inn in Shijo Omiya is not really convenient but Shijo Karasuma and Gojo Karasuma are ok. Especially Shijo Karasuma is located in the central part of Kyoto and next to Daimaru Department store. You don't necessarily have to stay close to Kyoto station.
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November 2007/8/31 11:49
sorry my mistake.
I meant 1st week of November, not October.
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. 2007/8/31 11:57
Yes, the first week of November is the fall foliage season and Kyoto gets packed. Go for the Toyoko Inn.
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kyoto 2007/9/2 01:14
I'm sure November is a very busy month. But when I went, which was in June I stayed in a guesthouse that was about 4 blocks from Kyoto station. Here is the website that I used. I found it very helpful:
You put in how much money you want to spen and the do the searching for you.
Have fun!
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Kyoto 2007/9/2 03:55
if worse comes to worse there is always Osaka and Kobe. I stayed in Kobe on my last trip and the friend that was with me, a North American lady not used to trains and public transit, actually enjoyed the commute to Kyoto, Nara, Osaka etc. every day (it was shorter and more relaxing that her daily commute to work by car) .
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