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Hokkaido in December 2007/8/31 11:46
Hi! I will be going to Hokkaido in December this year... just want to know if its too cold for comfortable travelling?

What would i need to bring along? Are there a lot of things to buy at Hokkaido or is it just more of sight seeing?
by Lydia  

... 2007/8/31 14:53
Lydia, it mostly depends on where you are from. If you are from Northern Europe or other cold places, you would not feel cold so badly. If you are from a tropical island, it would be freezing cold. Hokkaido in December is covered by snow. You need a thick jacket, gloves, snow boots and so on.

As for shopping, again it depends on what you are after. If you are after electrical appliances or traditional handicrafts, this is not your place. (Go to Tokyo/Kyoto) But there are decent numbers of shops, department stores in Sapporo and you can find many nice sweets, dairy products and so on.
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hokkaido 2007/8/31 15:30
Sapporo and southern Hokkaido are not really that cold in December. The coldest months are in January and February ( snow festivals normally are held during the first two weeks of February ).
Sapporo is a big city( no 4 in Japan ?). You may get some good electrical appliances and watches at good prices ( depending on your negotiation skill) at some shops like Bic next to the Sapporo station and another electrical shop next to the Kinokuniya Book Store opposite Diamaru (also near the station). Hakodate chocolate is as popular and you can buy them at the airport. Dry and fresh seafoods are good buy as well.
We are visiting Tohoku and Hokkaido again in December ( our fifth trip since 2005)!
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sounds cold to me 2007/8/31 20:50
"Not that cold" is relative. It definitely goes below zero in Sapporo in December- I grew up in an area where it never snows and to me that's freezing. I even find Tokyo uncomfortable cold in December.

If you dress very warmly it's probably fine though. If you are uncomfortable with below zero temps then it probably isn't the best idea to visit Hokkaido in winter.
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