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Japanese vs. Overseas models 2007/9/1 00:51

I'd like to buy a digicam (Sony DSC-T70 or similar) in Japan and wonder how big are the differences between Japanese and the more expensive overseas models?

I like to play around with something I don't know/don't understand. So I thought I buy a Japanese model. I don't mind been helpless from time to time and I guess most settings etc. can be figured out with help of the English pdf instruction from the sony page, right? Anything else I forget? I don't need any software (which would be Japanese only too) just the pictures on the memorystick :-)

And a question about Japanese Laptops: Are there models where the bios is in Japanese only? That would be my only problem there...

Chris (12 days to my 1st Japan trip ^^)
by Chris  

Language 2007/9/1 10:56
Generally, there is no real difference between the domestic model and the overseas model. You can change the language from Japanese to English on all digicams as far as I know.

Strangely enough, I don't think the DCS-T70 (or the DCS-200) has been released in Japan yet!!!

I will probably go to Akihabara later today, and I can have a look.....
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warranty! 2007/9/1 12:13
Don't forget that if you buy a japanese sony model ,you won't get an international warranty (that's why i decided to buy and overseas model).

Just in response to something sandy said...japanese sony models do NOT have the option of switching languages (unlike olympus etc).

I found a great place in akihabara such that the overseas model only cost about 4000Y more than the japanese model.

but as you say...its easy enough to figure out how to work the camera...the only real issue i think is the validity of the warranty if you decide to buy a japanese model.
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.. 2007/9/2 00:05
thanks a lot for the answers!

warranty is a good point but I really want a special version that reminds me where and how I bought it :P

Sandy, you are right, the T70 is not out yet but should be any day now and there is still some time until we arrive in Tokyo :-) In Europe the T70/200 should be out beginning of September.
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Language 2007/9/2 07:28
Mildred is correct about the warranty, but not correct about the language setting.
I tried a local Japanese Sony DCS-T100 yesterday, and I successfully changed the Language from Japanese to English.

I will keep my eye out for the T70.
When are you coming to Japan?

By the way, Olympus cameras have an international warranty no matter where you buy thier cameras.
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great! 2007/9/2 11:34
thanks sandy for the update. Perhaps it was the model that I was looking at that couldn't be changed...people I talked to were adamant that it could not be changed - and I myself tried. I'll keep that in mind next time I decide to buy one :)
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T70 2007/9/2 16:51
Thanks Sandy! We will be in Japan on Sept 13th in the morning so I will look out for the T70 same afternoon in Akihabara :-)

Is it generally better to buy digicams and laptops in bigger stores there or can I focus on the price?

thank you all! :)
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... 2007/9/3 10:00
I have bought a few sony digicams in Japan and I have found that some models can not be changed to English. I find that it varies by model, but of the 10 cameras I've looked at, only 2 had the ability to change the language settings.

You just have to try each model out in the store and see if you can change it. Or you can buy an international model in Akihabara or at the airport in which case tax would be exempted.

I personally prefer the canon point and shoots which all have around 30 language settings.
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thanks 2007/9/3 10:33
yllwsmrf: thanks! I *knew* that my sony model couldn't be changed to english. I guess it varies then.

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T70 2007/9/5 12:47
The Sony DCS-T70 is now available in Japan.

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.. 2007/9/5 21:32
thanks, i'll pick on up first day in tokyo next week!

it's about the same price as in Germany where you have to wait a few more weeks :)

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T70 2007/9/14 16:17
Sandy, do you remember where you saw it in Akihabara or where a good chance is to find it in stock? I tried to pick one up but had no luck yet.. thanks!
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The biggest problem with Japanese models 2007/9/14 18:25
Well......the problem usually is the fact that the actual buttons and controls on the device will be in Japanese versus english. Yes many devices will allow you to change the internal menus to english, but so what....does not help much if all the buttons and controls are in Japanese.

On the other hand...most Japanese items sold in Japan...are made in Japan...meaning the quality is better than a Sony Camcorder manufactured in Taiwan. Most items bought and sold in the good ole USA is manufactured in the likes of Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Trust me its true!
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buttons 2007/9/15 20:53
No digital still camera (which is what we are talking about) have Japanese on the outside of the camera.
It's a different story with domestic video cameras though. Most, if not all, have Japanese on the buttons.
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