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Japanese hairstyles for african hair 2007/9/1 13:44
I am going to be in a play that takes place in Japan and America and I'm playing a japanese family's teenage daugter. Do you think there are any good japanese hairstyles for african american hair? I really want to nail this part.
by Nik  

... 2007/9/1 22:42
Nik, I think it depends on the character/personality of the girl instead of nationality. Is she a bookworm? Does she often cause troubles? Or what kinds of sports does she play and so on :)
Can you give us more info?
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well.... 2007/9/2 00:00
well she's shy and keeps to her self most of the time but is very friendy and kinda clumsy
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A Bob 2007/9/2 05:10
I think thats what it's called, I watch a lot of anime and j-drama and normally the shy girl who keeps to herself has this hairstyle...? But yeah...a bob http://images.jupiterimages.com/common/detail/05/72/23317205...
that comes up to ur chin...i have african hair....but by relaxing it and straightening i got it like this...:D....hope it helped
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Thank you 2007/9/3 15:38
Thank you so much! It's perfect!
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Dozo Itamashite 2007/9/4 06:22
Your Welcome (^.^)
Glad I could be of help...:D
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