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complexities of train routings 2007/9/1 17:48
I would like to ask the excellent people that provide so much information on this site about a routing for my trip. I have sorted all the train journeys except the Nakahama to Nagano section. I have tried putting in the Nakahama/Nagano on Hyperdia and there are many changes an and I have tried the alternative of Nakahama/Tokyo/Nagano also not ideal. Does anyone have any suggestions for apossible routing that I haven't thought of using two seperate journeys but making one route that would require less changes or maybe less time. Any help would be appreciated on this one. Thank you in advance.
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... 2007/9/1 22:22
Where is Nakahama? There seems to be a station by the name of Nakahama in Tottori Prefecture? Is that the Nakahama you are referring to?
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complexities of train routings 2007/9/1 22:52
Hi Uji,
Nakahama is on the East side of Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture.
Thank you for your help.
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possible spelling error? 2007/9/2 00:28
From your description, a little bit of research reveals that the name of the location is probably Nagahama with a G, not Nakahama. Your Hyperdia search should now reveal a journey that takes about 4-5 hours, if that's short enough for you.

JNTO has got a nice description of the area, but you probably already know what you want to do there.
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complexities of train routes 2007/9/2 00:47
Oops, you are right. I need to go back and check the train route prior to the one from Nagahama to Nagano as it will probably have more changes in it now it is going to Nagahama and not Nakahama. Thank you for pointing that out it might have been a time consuming mistake.
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