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Laptop Price in Japan 2007/9/1 18:22
Hello, I am going to stay in Okinawa from October. I need to buy a Laptop (possibly Sony Vaio/HP/Acer/Dell). Since I am not familiar with Japanese language, I could not browse the local sites. Can anyone please tell me the price range of a modest (2.0Ghz, 120G HD, 2G RAM, etc) Laptop? It would be a great help. Thanks in advance.
by Shantanu  

. 2007/9/3 05:09
The price is roughly same as in the US.
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... 2007/9/3 09:28
I've mentioned this before in other threads, but before you purchase just be aware that the same model laptop that you buy in Japan will be different than what you get in America/Europe. Namely the operating system will be in Japanese, the keyboard will be Japanese, and your warranty may not apply when you bring it home. If you understand Japanese or are fairly computer proficient then you can get used to using a Japanese machine, but trouble shooting when everything is in Japanese can be a pain.

There are ways to overcome the differences, for example, installing a retail copy of Windows bought in your home country, however you'll lose special laptop functions, and it will probably negate the price advantage of buying in Japan. Generally I wouldn't recommend this fix.

Best advice would be to try out the machines at the store to see if you feel comfortable that you can function on them.

In your case, it sounds like you may be moving to Japan. I would consider getting a laptop before you move here unless you want a model that is only available in Japan. I find that the prices are roughly the same as the US but tending to be slightly more expensive.
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