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Public access swimming pool Tokyo/Osaka? 2007/9/2 06:39
I am staying in Tokyo/Osaka for 10 days for business in September. Need to swim 2-5 km every day to feel good. Is there a nice public swimming pool in either of those cities? Or another swimming pool I can go to? Could you give me the address? What are the opening hours? Anything else I need to know (politeness/privacy issues etc)?
by Loality  

... 2007/9/2 11:22
Loality, there are several swimming pools open for public (at least in Tokyo) Mind if I ask you which hotel/area are you going to stay? Then, I'll post the closest one.
by JLady rate this post as useful

Thanks! 2007/9/2 19:28
Thank you JLady!
I don't know which hotel or where exactly yet, as it is all being planned with now. But as soon as I know, I will post it. Your help is much appreciated!
by Loality rate this post as useful

Swimming accessories 2007/9/2 19:30
In the meantime, do I need to go shopping for a swim cap or any other accessory (besides the swimsuit, of course:-) that I should be aware of?
by Loality rate this post as useful

Swim caps 2007/9/2 19:36

do I need to go shopping for a swim cap or any other accessory (besides the swimsuit, of course:-) that I should be aware of?

It depends on the pool, but most places require that swimmers wear a swim cap, so I recommend getting one.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

... 2007/9/2 22:20

There are quite a few public operated indoor pools in Tokyo. And if you don't mind paying more for the private-run ones, most major hotels have pools.

Swim wear and caps are usually available for sale at the pools, but it's best to bring your own since you never know when they'll run out of stock.

Note that in the very center of the city there are more expensive hotels and less reasonable-prised public pools, while in the residential area you will find more cheaper pools.

Public pools tend to be more particular about being clean and healthy (at a lot of pools, everyone is to get out of the water every 30 min. or so).

Other small policies differ depending on the pool. Some might have special lanes for skilled swimmers, others may have certain hours for them.

The following is just an example of a Japanese list I found from a very quick search. These are all indoor pools, and if you scroll down, the left hand yellow block represents each ward (ku). You will see the price at the very right. For example the top one is 600yen (400yen for ward residents)/per 2 hours.

Btw, it's too late for outdoor pools.

Have a nice stay!
by Uco rate this post as useful

Outdoor swimming 2007/9/3 00:26
Thanks for your useful info all of you!!

Why is it too late for outdoor pools? Weatherwise? says its about 20 celcius right now...?
by Loality rate this post as useful

Swimming pools 2007/9/3 07:13

Why is it too late for outdoor pools?

Because they generally stay open only until the end of August. It's probably more to do with the school summer holidays than the weather.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

, 2007/9/3 10:05
Spa world in Osaka has a pool on one of the floors
by amelia rate this post as useful

outdoor pools 2007/9/3 14:52
Dave in Saitama is right. In Tokyo area (and probably in Osaka as well), summer vacation for schools last only until the last day of August. Also the weather indeed does become a lot cooler once September begins. So I suppose they figure that it's not worth the maintenance fee and life guard fee to run their service any further.

Similarly in Kanto and the surrounding area, no life guards, food or lockers will be available at the beaches from September and on. You have to swim at your own risk if you go to the beach.

Btw, in the northern region like Hokkaido and Tohoku, summer vacation ends at Aug 25-ish, which may be the reason I saw no one at the beach when I visited Hokkaido on the warm weekend of Aug 25.
by Uco rate this post as useful

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