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No prices for Koyasan monasteries... 2007/9/2 16:55
Koyasan least none that I can find on the Tourism sites. Anyone know how to find out ,other than phoning direct? Tried from Aust. but no speak English. Help.
by Tom  

... 2007/9/2 20:05
Almost all monastries charge around 9000 Yen per person and night.

The following website provides easy booking:
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That site mentions two in our budget... 2007/9/2 21:32
so I hope they can give us a room in the 7-10,000 range - otherwise it's 10-15,000 and a price problem.
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Ans re prices 2007/9/3 17:51
Just come back from Koyasan temple stay.
Virtually all temples got together a couple of years ago and now charge a minimum of Yen 9500 per adult incl 2 meals.
Note the minimum usu means screen doors where you can't see but certainly can hear what is said next door. We opted for "a room with solid walls" at 11,550. 13,550 will get you an even bigger room with a garden view. This seems to be the general scale though of-course there maybe slight variations.
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Looks like..... 2007/9/3 19:52 will help us out fine. Very prompt & polite too.
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@mthk 2007/9/3 23:35
Which temple did you stay in?
Do you need to make reservations in advance?
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koyasan 2007/9/4 00:20
It depends what you want really.

We wanted to know beforehand in which temple we would be staying, and chose Shojoshin-in because of location mainly and reserved well in advance (2 months) through japanese guesthouses.

But, you do not need to reserve in advance. Many of the temples on Koyasan offer temple lodging and there is a wide range to chose from that are not offered on aswell. You can almost certainly just go to Koyasan and get a room in one of them through the tourist information centre aswell. As most temples offer rooms at about the same rate, if you are not particular about location or a certain temple, that is a fine option aswell.
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Thanks! 2007/9/4 01:02
That's really good to know.
I'd like to make reservations, but I have a bit of trouble finding a reservation site that will charge a decent price. So I guess when it doesn't work out I can always just go there and see where I end up.
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