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Hokkaido in Oct 2007/9/2 19:37
Hi, I am planning to visit Hokkaido in Oct for autumn leaves. Will cover Sopporo, Otaru, Noboritsu & Sounkyo.
I have 2 options for the date.
(1) 06/10/2007 to 13/10/2007
(2) 13/10/2007 to 20/10/2007.
Please help to advise which is better for kouyou (the red leaves). Arigatoo gazaimasu!
by Little Fish  

... 2007/9/2 20:11
In the average year, early October is best for Sounkyo and Noboribetsu. Mid October for Sapporo. But depending on the year it can vary by +/- a few days to even a few weeks. Right now it is still a little bit early to make predictions. I think that you will probably be able to see some colored leaves during both time periods. They are not far apart, anyway.
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Autumn leaves in Sapporo in Oct? Furano? 2007/9/3 19:04
I too am considering to visit Hokkaido in Oct but I'm starting from 22 Oct.
Will I miss the autumn leaves by then?
Where is the good place to see the leaves in Sapporo?
Also is it a good idea to go to Furano at this time?
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Hokkaido in Oct 2007/9/4 06:37
I will also be in Hokkaido from Oct 4 to Oct 9. Our plan is
(1) 3 nights in Sapporo
(2) 3 nights in Hakodate
Anybody can give me some suggestions on nice Ryokan (Japanese House) to stay. We are looking to relax and enjoy good food.
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... 2007/9/4 08:18
Will I miss the autumn leaves by then?

If it is a slow year, you may be able to catch some in souther Hokkaido. For example, Onuma Koen:
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Thanks Uji san 2007/9/6 00:15
Uji san, Thanks for the advice. i have booked my package departing on 5 Oct.
I have 1 more question on returning to New Chitose Airport in early morning. My flight is 7.50am & i've plan to stay in Chitose town the night before, however i could not find any info on what time the train starts in JR station including in the official http://www2.jrhokkaido.co.jp, can you help? & if we are taking a taxi to the airport, how much it cost in early morning 6am ?
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... 2007/9/9 19:54
The first train in the morning arrives at the airport at 6:48. That's early enough for a domestic flight, but if it is an international flight, it is probably a little bit late.

The airport is not far outside of Chitose City. A taxi ride probably costs around 700 to 1500 Yen, depending on the location of the hotel. Some hotels may have a free shuttle bus.
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Thanks, Uji san 2007/9/14 00:15
Doomo arigatoo gozaimashita!
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