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using Japanese hardware in Europe 2007/9/2 22:50
I bought a portable hard drive during my stay in Japan, but Ican't use it here in Belgium. The input into the adapter is 100V 50/60Hz, so I assume that if I plug it into the wall here (we use 220V-240V) I will fry the thing. A friend told me that I should use a step-down converter, but since I know basically nothing about computers, I don't really know where I can find such a thing here. Any tips or advice?
by Peter  

... 2007/9/3 14:20
should use a step-down converter
Yes, I also think you need a converter. A converter has nothing to do with computers. It is a device to change the voltage up/down. I think you can buy it at regular electric appliances shops. (Or you may find it at a travel goods section of a department store.)
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