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problems finding pants 2007/9/3 21:43
Before I came here, I always thought I would have an easy time finding pants in Japan. I am rather short or just average Japanese girl height. And then I discovered that the only way I can find pants that don't make my hip and butt region look like twice the size is to buy imported jeans or get my pants order-made. Most of the pants I have tried so far have abnormally high waist akin of ''mom jeans''. Even those which the store staff promised to have low waist well below the belly button turned out to be touching the belly button when I tried them on. I know I have larger hip and butt compared to Japanese women my size but it is still a mystery how they manage to wear those pants and not look absolutely hideous.
So my question is, do any of you know places where I can buy low waist pants? I need more business style clothing but casual pants are needed, too. Thanks!
by shimaki  

. 2007/9/4 09:11
What city are you in? Pointless giving information about Osaka if you are in Sapporo.
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... 2007/9/4 09:46
Shimaki, your post attracted my attention because everytime I try to find high-waist pants, I have a difficulity! Most pants become low-waist and they cannot hide my biiiig belly.

Did you try UNIQLO? I think their size selection is more diverse than other stores.
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pants 2007/9/4 21:27
Oops, you are right. I live in Tokyo so any stores I could find around here would be much appreciated.

Also, I did look at UNIQLO. I love that store but the pants are still touching my belly button. The only place I've been able to find normal waist pants is "Youfuku no Aoyama". I guess the body shape really makes a difference in the waist height? Don't know....
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pants 2007/9/5 07:12
what you are talking about in pants fitting is 'rise' - the measurement from the crotch of the pants to the waist (or whatever height you are looking for). I have the same problem as you and have not solved it - I am short but rounder than Japanese women, but when I find pants that actually 'fit', the rise is too high. It's body shape. My un-scientific observation leads me to believe that Japanese women (generalizing here), while slender, have longer torsos in relation to the length of their legs.
What I have done to solve this problem is, I mail-order from the states, and I wear more skirts than I ever did before.
Sorry I couldn't suggest a store.
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Shimaki 2007/9/5 12:08
You've tried 109 or Jeans Mate or all the teenager shops, right? Just a thought.
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