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Onsen & Park in September. 2007/9/3 23:23
Tokyo 23-ku
I feel ive wasted my time this summer because ive got very little money...but now i dont really care about it , I want to enjoy my stay here.

Anybody could recommend me any Onsen, Park, and Shrines to go visit on weekends? I've got classes the rest of the week... :(

Also , I cannot speak japanese very well, so I would apreciate places with some help for non-native speakers.

I know its kind of a work but i'd really appreciate it.

Thank you.

By the way , currently I live in Tokyo.
by Funne  

... 2007/9/6 21:03
Funne, I don't think you've wasted your time. Personally I think the best way to survive a scorching hot summer is to stay indoors :) (with air-conditioning, off course!)

Which part of Japan have you already visited? Hakone, Izu and Kusatsu are all easily accesible from Tokyo and they have lots of nice onsen ryokans.
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Onsen & Park in September. 2007/9/6 21:08
The more cheaper the better...but id like to see lots of flora and have very long walks. Also , if at the onsen ryokan they could speak a bit of english ,thatd help me a lot, because im still learning and im not very skillfull enough to understand ,for example, the rules to follow or anything important they would need to tell me.
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